Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Essence Colour and Go Nail polish - Better late than Never

This is the first Essence polish I have ever purchased and I am mightily impressed! I was drawn to this gorgeous creamy red colour and for $2.55 there was no way I was going to go home without it.

As usual, I am disgusted with these photos because they really do not showcase the true beauty of this colour. If you mixed watermelon with strawberries and cherry, this would be the colour you would get. It's the most perfect cool red, creamy and delicious looking. There is no hint of orange and it is absolutely perfect. From that, I gather you now understand how much I love this polish? Good.

As the name (kind of) mentions, it is a fast drying polish. This is a big factor for me because I am so impatient with nail polish, I want to slap it on and get out the door.

One coat of this is what I consider to be enough, although if you hold your nails on the right angle you could argue that two would make a significant difference.

The formula is really lovely, a perfect consistency. It lasts for what I consider to be a really good amount of time. On my fingernails I went five days with minimal wear and tear (basically none) and then on the sixth day I suffered chipping on two nails.

The bottle that is comes in is absolutely tiny, but for me this is ideal as I struggle to get through polish. I rarely wear the stuff. For 5mL you have to pay $2.55, which I think is pretty good really. It's not as cheap as Ulta, but few polishes are.

I can't decide if I like the name of the polish yet. 'Better late than never' is a bit of a strange thing to call it, but it is unique I suppose.

Like all the Essence products, I love this Essence polish for the size, price, colour and quality. I give it 9 out of 10.


  1. earlier, I used to be scared of this kind of bright shades. But ever since I found how clean they make your hands ( or face look like), I am in a frenzy of buying them!

    A little request, could you please darken your font color for short sighted people like me?

    1. I am having a real phase with red polish at the moment, I love it! Glad you are finding the bright shades awesome too!

      I will do my best to darken the font :)


  2. I agree with you Candice, I think Essence polishes are fantastic! I think I've got about 80% of the range now and I'm still collecting because they're so affordable, and I love the quick dry formula :)

    1. That is a lot of Essence polishes, but as you said, they are so affordable for such good quality!


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