Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maybelline Shine Sensational lipgloss - Tempting Toffee

The Maybelline Shine Sensational glosses have been around for a long time, and were one of those products that I always wanted but never actually got around to purchasing. You know those products - the first magazine ad that comes out catches your eye. You fall in love with the product, seeing how gorgeous the model looks and promise to pick one up on the weekend. By the time the weekend gets around you have other priorities like grocery shopping and other riveting activities and forget how much you desperately wanted it. When you are in priceline you remember how badly you need it, but when you get to the stand the colour you want is gone or the price is three dollars more than you remember. You tell yourself that you will pick it up next time but you never actually get around to buying it. Yes, that is what this product was like for me. I desperately wanted it, forgot about it, wanted it again when I remembered, repeat, repeat, repeat.

The reason I did end up picking this up was because in Target they were having a $5 off all Maybelline products sale (awesome!) making this a total of six dollars, the cheapest I had ever seen it. From the beginning I always wanted the Glamorous Guava one but for some unknown reason, I chose the Tempting Toffee one instead. I still do not know why. Perhaps it was because it had no shimmer or because the colour in real life did not at all look like what was on the model, but to be honest I am glad I went with the flavour that I did.

At first I was concerned this was going to be a bit of an old lady colour - brown and boring - but it is actually a lovely rosy pink colour that is pretty much perfect. I love how it has no shimmer or glitter (although other flavours in the range do if you are into those kinds of glosses) and that it's an in between colour - it's not red, pink, coral or nude, it's simply in between.

It comes in a tube with a slanted applicator so it is pretty easy to apply. The consistency is quite thick but not overly sticky. I do feel as though it can be quite heavy on the lips but that of course comes with a lipgloss with a thicker consistency. It's smooth and creamy which of course is what we all want in a lipgloss.

Perhaps the most popular aspects of this lipgloss is the scent and taste. It does smell sweet and has a slight taste to it which is quite a pleasant one. I had expected it to have a stronger taste but I am quite glad that it doesn't...I am able to refrain from licking my lips every few seconds.

The lasting power is pretty good, of course eating and drinking gets rid of it in a flash but general lasting power isn't bad.

I really like the packaging of these with the different pictures on each tube, coressponding with the flavour.

Overall it is a bit thicker than I usually go for but it is tolerable. It smells nice, tastes nice, feels nice and generally is nice. It could be more pigmented for my liking and I tend to go for the doe foot wand applicators but this tube is fine. I give it 6 out of 10. If I saw them on sale for $6 again I would probably buy them, but not at full price.


  1. Very pretty colour! I can see what you mean when you say you were initially concerned it might be a bit of an old lady colour, but it definitely doesn't appear that way in the swatch. Great price too :)

  2. I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched it in the shops with the colour of the gloss, and as for the price, it was awesome!

  3. Hi just found your blog through <3 Hope you have a beautiful day! I will check out your sponsors or adds (if you have any) Im now following!! <3


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