Saturday, May 26, 2012

Knit jumpers - My latest obsession

The marks on the spotty jumper was the camera, not the jumper!

I did have a really good, clever title for this post but of course when it popped into my head I didn't write it down, and now I cannot remember it. Oh well, boring old 'Knit Jumpers' will have to do.

Just lately I have really fallen in love with Knit jumpers. Never before have they taken my interest, but for some reason I have developed a radar that has the ability to spot one kilometres away, whether it be in a shop or on a person. Yep, I think they're wonderful.

For about a week there was a little explosion of them and somehow three managed to make their way into my wardrobe. Yes!

I thought I might do a post on them...mainly so I can look at them and talk about them (I don't really expect you to take an interest in this post! However if you do...)

The very first one I purchased was from Target, and is my favourite (and apparently everyone else's too - compliments roll in when I wear this). I can't remember the exact price, but I think I got it on sale from $40 to $30 or something. Whatever it was, I am so glad I bought it.

The second was also from Target and was $35. It's spotty, which isn't something I usually go for but in this case I think it is perfect.

Last but not least is my newest one from Rockmans. It's stripes once again, although thin ones, and has cute little buttons on the shoulders. It cost $40.

These knit jumpers are so comfortable and convenient - you can just chuck them on over jeans and you have a whole outfit. And of course they are lovely and warm.

Have you fallen in love with something lately that you had never taken an interest in before?


Questions? Opinions? Feel free to comment as I love to hear what you have to say!

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