Monday, May 7, 2012

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - Cream

I purchased this as part of a deal where I could buy three Maybelline face products for thirty dollars. I posted about it here, but basically I ended up buying a foundation, concealer and powder all for ten dollars each. I actually saved a total of  $28.85. This powder usually retails for (what I consider to be a ridiculous price) of $18.95. Whilst I really like this powder and think it works so well, I would not spend almost twenty dollars on it, especially as it is one of those products you don't even see!

The reason I bought this as part of the deal in the first place was because I had heard endless - no literally, endless - reviews raving about how amazing it was and that it was their holy grail product and that they would never ever change. I figured it had to be pretty good, which it is, but I won't be joining the 'I love Maybelline Dream Matte Powder more than my life' party any time soon. I do think that it may have been my ultra high expectations though too - I mean, how much can a powder do really?

Apparently it gives a light to medium coverage but I'm not convinced, which is absolutely fine with me because I had the intentions of putting it on top of my liquid foundation anyway. I picked up the lightest shade in Cream which, when swatched, does appear to be a ghostly white but doesn't even give the slightest hint of a white tinge on the face. I wouldn't wear it on its own if I was looking for coverage, but for a powder over a foundation it is perfect for the job.

I am impressed with how it feels on the face. Some powders settle into your lines or feel terribly chalky and disgusting, but I don't even notice if this is on. When my little cousin was doing my makeup (Oh how fun that was!) she went a little over the top with the powder yet still it felt perfectly fine.

My favourite part though, is that it does what it says and keeps your face matte. There is nothing worse than an oily face at the end of a summers day, but this little beauty does a magical job of keeping your makeup and skin completely shine free.

I kind of took it for granted though with my regular foundation because I had never really had much of a problem with oil. It was when I got my Garnier BB cream that I realised how good this powder actually was. The Garnier BB cream made my face the oiliest mess I had ever seen, but somehow this powder managed to keep it matte all day, which is practically a miracle.

I must also mention the amazing packaging. I was not expecting the bottom to slide out and reveal a mirror and applicator so that was quite magical! But seriously, I love the packaging and find it so handy, although I prefer to apply it with a brush as opposed to the powder puff supplied.
So yes, I really do love this product but I can't seem to understand how it got quite so much hype. Unike a lipstick or eyeshadow palette, you can't actually see the product when it is on your face, which in my eyes makes it kind of...well...boring. No doubt is it a product I am so glad to have but it's just one of those boring essentials that doesn't excite me too much (and I do think $18.85) is too much.

I give it 10/10.


  1. I too have heard endless raves about this product and I really do want to try it, except I don't really wear powder over my foundation on a regular basis. That 3 for $30 deal was quite good, I did consider it, but I convinced myself I really didn't need any more face products (especially foundation, which I definitely would've bought as part of the deal). I'm liking that it does work in terms of keeping the face matte and the fact you say it feels weightless on the face :)

  2. If you don't wear powder over your foundation then I wouldn't suggest purchasing it, taking into consideration the price and the fact that it offers little coverage. It is totally lightweight and keeps the face matte but as I mentioned several much can you rave about a powder?!


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