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Starting out with makeup - Products

In my last post I listed some tips for those starting out with makeup. In this post I am listing some products that I recommend.

So, these are the makeup products that I would recommend as the starting points to your makeup collection. Obviously everyone is different, and someone might think bronzer is essential, and someone else may think it is not at all necessary. I have listed them in no particular order. I have also listed cheap options for each.


Foundation/Tinted Moisturiser
I began with a tinted moisturiser and I never really felt the need for foundation when I was first starting out. If you are young or comfortable with your skin I would suggest skipping it all together, but if you would like a light coverage then a tinted moisturiser is the way to go. There are some foundations that I have found to be so light that I would consider them to be tinted moisturiser. Make sure you always test the shades out on your skin before buying them - there is nothing worse than an orange foundation line! Try purchasing products with SPF if you can.
I recommend: This is the one product I actually cannot give any cheaper suggestions for. I would love to hear if you know of any good, cheap foundations/tinted moisturisers!

Another product that I recommend skipping if you can, concealer suits people with blemishes or dark under-eye circles. Ensure that you choose a concealer specific to your needs (blemishes or circles) and this is one product I would recommend spending a little more on if you can. You want it to stick all day, match your skin tone perfectly and cover the problem up, not make it more noticeable.
I recommend: Maybelline Dream Lumi touch highlighting concealer - Approx $18
(A little expensive perhaps, but so worth it!)

Once again this is one of those products that people have differing opinions on. Some think it is absolutely essential, others think it is a waste. I personally think either blush or bronzer is important because it gives you a bit of colour that you otherwise wouldn't have (if you are wearing foundation). With blush, make sure the colour suits your skin tone - it makes a huge difference.With bronzer, use matter bronzers for contouring and more shimmery ones for a subtle glow. Ensure to research how to apply bronzer/blush on youtube if you are unsure, and make sure you apply it lightly.
I recommend: BYS Blusher $4.95
                       Savvy Jumbo Bronzer (Approx $10, often on sale)


Mascara is one of those products that makes a huge difference if you get the right one. This is one of those products that you need to look up reviews for. You need to know what you want too - lengthening, volumising, thickening, defining, waterproof, separating, curling, brown/black...the options are never ending.
I recommend - Covergirl Lashblast Length Waterproof mascara (prices vary from $10-$20)

When I first began with makeup I didn't wear eyeshadow. I don't think it is necessary, but if you would like to wear eyeshadow, go for neutral shades. Cream eyeshadows are easy to apply and don't require brushes.
I recommend - Essence Eye Souffle ($4.50)


Lip balm
I think lip balms are absolutely essential. They moisturise and protect, and provide a good base for lipstick and lipgloss. Clear lipglosses are good, but tinted ones provide both colour and moisture.
I recommend - Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalm - $3.95 (clear)
                         Nivea Fruity Shine Pink Guava - (Approx $4) (tinted)

Lip gloss
Lip gloss was one of my essentials when I first started. Go for sheer, light pink colours that make your lips look juicy. Try to apply it carefully, you don't want it dripping down your chin!
I recommend - Savvy by DB lip jewels gloss - (Approx $6)
                        Nivea lipglosses - (Between $4-$7)

I never wore lipstick when I first started out, but for those who are interested, these are the cheap lipsticks I would recommend.
I recommend - BYS lipstick ($3-$4)
                         Essence lipstick ($3.95)

These are products that I consider to be unnecessary when starting out. I own all of these, and I'm not going to pretend that I don't love them, but they aren't required when you are first starting out.
They are: Primers (face and eyes)
                Eyelash curler
                Setting powder
                Foundation brush
                Lip scrub
                Eyebrow pencils
                False eyelashes

Once again, people have differing opinions on what is essential and what is not. I hope that you found some of this useful, and if you are interested you can read the reviews I have done on the suggested products.

When purchasing products in the beginning it  can be a little expensive as you are buying so many things at once. Remember that you don't need a thousand blushes or mascaras to create a beautiful makeup look. If you buy a good product in a shade that you love, you won't need to purchase another one until you run out. By making good decisions you can achieve wonderful looks really cheaply.


  1. These posts are such good ideas candice!

    For the foundation I'd definitely suggest Covergirl's NatureLuxe - it's got the coverage of a tinted moisturizer, but can be built up, and also has spf in it!


  2. Thanks for your suggestion Gianna - I must admit I have heard good things of that foundation but have never got around to purchasing it...I probably won't for a long time since I just got a new foundation, but I'll keep it in mind for when I run out!


  3. Bourjois foundations and concealer really work wonder for me!

    A lovely list

  4. Once again, a foundation that I have heard so much about but haven't actually got around to purchasing! Thanks for the comment!

  5. these tips would be really useful for a beginner. I really want to try the baby lips! x

  6. I just love these posts. Please continue :)

  7. Char - I hope so! Baby lips are so worth trying out!

    binA - Sure will! Glad you like them!



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