Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Starting out with makeup - Brushes

I received really positive responses from everyone in my last two "Starting out with makeup" posts (see here and here) so thankyou all for your kind and helpful comments!

I don't think brushes are absolutely essential at the start when beginning your makeup collection, but I will list some of the most useful ones anyway in case you are interested. They no doubt make things a lot easier and I find them a lot of fun to play with! The only problem is that often they are the most expensive aspects of makeup!

Eyeshadow brush
Often eyeshadow palettes come with brushes (or sponges). I cannot stand the sponge type applicators, so I highly recommend you purchase a brush if need be, even if it is a real cheapie.
I recommend - Sportsgirl Eyeshadow Brush - $3.95

Kabuki brush
These brushes can be used to apply setting powder, foundation and blend out blush or bronzer for a more even, natural look. I love my Kabui brush and wouldn't be able to do without it.
I recommend - Avon all over Kabuki brush - $4.99

Blush brush
A blush brush is only required if you use blush (of course!). I like flat blush brushes personally.
I recommend - Savvy by DB blush brush (comes in set) (Approx $10)

Eyebrow brush (with comb)
These brushes are so cheap and so useful. They groom your eyebrows and separate lashes after applying mascara. There is no particular brand that I recommend, but just go to any cheap shop and pick on up for a dollar or two.

Q-tipsTechnically not a brush, these little things are amazing! I use them for so many things - cleaning up mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, concealer...applying highlighter to my inner corners, smudging. They are amazing! Cheap Q-tips can be found pretty much anywhere!

Other possible brushes

Flat foundation brush
Lots of people don't like applying their foundation with these type brushes but I really don't mind. I tend to use my fingers purely because I am lazy and can't be bothered washing it, but if you want to get one...
I recommend - Eco tools bamboo foundation brush (Unsure of price)

Lip brush
Lip brushes are really useful when applying red lipstick or really pigmented glosses. When you want a precise application, lip brushes are your best friends.
I recommend - Australis retractable lip brush - $7.95

Angled Eyeliner brush
I actually don't own an angled eyeliner brush because I have never felt the need for one, however I know others love them for applying eyeliner and filling in their brows.

Angled contouring brush
I use an angled contouring brush whenever I apply bronzer. I love how it is angled because it makes it easier to apply the product in the hollows of my cheeks.
I recommend - Savvy by DB Angled contouring brush (Comes in set) (Approx $10)

Concealer brush
Concealer brushes make an unbelievable difference. They apply the product evenly and get concealer into the creases between your nose.
I recommend - Savvy by DB Concealer brush (Comes in set) (Approx $10)

So, I hope these three posts have been helpful in some way to those of you unsure of brushes or starting out with makeup.


  1. I have never thought of using a lip brush but i think now i might have to get one! x

  2. I was really hoping you'd do a brush post, and here it is. I have enjoyed reading every last bit of these posts. Well done and Thank you. :)

  3. Char - I always thought of them as a bit of a waste of time, but the other day I saw the Australis one on sale for three dollars, picked it up, and I love it!

    binA - Thank you for your kind words, I am so so so glad that you enjoyed them and found them of some use!


  4. I think it's a great idea to do these kinds of posts because there are always people who are new to makeup and have no idea where to start!

  5. Yes, when I first started I was hopeless!


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