Thursday, April 19, 2012

Australian beauty at its best - products I am proud to call Australian

So since starting this blog, I have been reading incredible reviews on all these gorgeous, high end, American/English brand products. I try to resist reading them because I know all that will happen is that I will end up desperately wanting something I can't have, but it never works out. Ever. If I had a money tree, I can guarantee I would own a significant amount of makeup from overseas brands!

So, I have decided to do something about it, and no, it does not involve splurging and buying a ship load of American/English makeup (I wish). I am going to get over myself and recognise the products that Australia has to offer. How? I am going to list some of the best products Australia has to offer (in my personal opinion) so that someone else can have a turn to drool and be jealous! I would love it if other Aussies contributed to the product love and listed their favourites down below (or created a post referring to this one, much like you would with a tag).

It can include brands that are Australian but ship products world wide - for example BYS is an Australian company (from Melbourne to be precise) but they do export products all over the world.

Face of Australis lipstick - Lychee Crush
I expect this would come as no surprise to anyone who owns this lipstick or has heard about it - several bloggers are huge fans of this little beauty. The perfect nude and such a good lipstick all round. I have a review here if you are interested on my further thoughts regarding this product.

BYS blushes
Another favourite amongst many Australian beauty bloggers, are the BYS blushes. So cheap, so pigmented and so lovely, these little beauties are something to be jealous of. Reviews can be found here and here. I did find that one colour suited me much more than another (hence why there is such a difference between the reviews) so your opinion could be based on whether you have found your perfect colour match!

BYS lipsticks - Sassy Salmon and Champagne Rain
Although the packaging is a bit of a let down, these lipsticks have a lot going for them. The price is a huge standout, but the product is pretty good too. Yet another Australian product worth being jealous of. I have two reviews here and here.

Savvy lipglosses
I know this is nothing new and would come as no surprise to many followers, but I adore these lipglosses. Shiny, glosses, non sticky, sweet smelling, pigmented. Yeah, I'm a fan, and you should be too! Read about them here. I can't guarantee that the Savvy by DB brand is Australian, but I am pretty sure it is. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Australis creme blush
When I first reviewed this, I didn't give it in incredibly wonderful rating. It wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. I don't know what I was thinking because it is actually an amazing product. I think it was because I had never really used a product like it before, but I have since altered the review to reflect how amazing it is. So worth buying.

Savvy bronzer
This is my favourite bronzer and it was so cheap! It gives that glow Australians are famous for and it will last forever with its jumbo size!

Face of Australia Illuminator in Angel Flame
This is probably one of my prettiest makeup products and it certainly draws in the compliments. Admittedly it doesn't get enough recognition and use that it should, but when I do use it I am reminded of just how lovely it is. See my thoughts here.

Natio Eyelash curler
I wasn't aware that Natio was an Australian brand until I did a bit of researching for this post. I decided to include my Natio eyelash curler because even though it made me realise how curly my lashes are anyway, I would miss it if it suddenly disappeared.

Lucas Papaw Cream
The last product if of course, Lucas papaw ointment. This multi-purpose ointment is so well known amongst the Aussie beauty girls!

So I hope those of you living overseas got a chance to be jealous of some Australian products. Aussie girls, please add to this list if you feel I have left something out. I'm happy to test some more Aussie products out!


  1. Preach! I like Australis' nail polishes, FOA's Illuminators (the giant tubes will last me a lifetime), MOR's Gardenia and Marshmallow scented products and Botani's olive leaf serum as a great dry skin primer.

  2. ooh cool! I know how you feel! There are a few of those brands (illimasqua or whatever & lush which I dont have one close) that I am jealous of other big city bloggers! Im from Ohio so we do have a lot stores, but certainly not as many to keep girls like you and I happy! haha! Do you guys have maybelline and that kinda stuff? have you ever tried a swap? I think they do them on makeup alley! great pics, btw! perfect weather! you should come and check out some of my Spring Trends Series so far on my blog! I have all of spring colors coming but so far I have 2 of them up!

  3. I wonder how much it would be for shipping from here (usa) to there. I may be interested in a swap down the line if it's a fair price

  4. I got a bottle of nailpolish from Australis and the shade is so lovely! hey, are you mroe fond of pinks?

  5. That's actually a great list.. I'm pretty proud that we created Jurlique as it's AMAZING :D

  6. Great post! Love that Savvy bronzer and BYS blushes. :)

  7. Thanks so much for the comments guys!

    Michaela - I only have one of Australis' polishes but I love it to bits (of course it is discontinued!) I do have my eye on the Crystal colour one with the flecks - it looks absolutely gorgeous! As for the illuminators, they will last a life time!

    Erica J - Yes, we have brands like Maybelline, Rimmel London, Loreal, Revlon etc. The problem is that half the time products don't come to Australia until months after they have been released. For example, it was only this month that the Revlon lip butters arrived! They are so expensive too! I've never tried a swap because I'm afraid I will get the other person products they hate and it would be a big waste for them!

    Nivedita - I adore pinks! Pink lipstick, pink nail polish, pink blush. Not keen on pink eyeshadow though! :)

    Sweetaholic-beauty - Jurlique! Totally forgot about them! I myself don't own any of their products however I know they smell absolutely amazing!


  8. Angela - People forget Savvy and BYS but they do have some awesome products! x

  9. I second the Australis Polishes, I have one in Peek a Boo or something, a really lovely lavender. Natio is great as well, although I prefer their balms/skincare than the makeup. Also don't forget Napolean Perdis (although, not sure where they are based these days) and Bloom!

  10. All that stuff looks great! I am one of those that is always wanting the stuff I can't get from there and the UK!

  11. Youlittlebeauty - They're pretty good polishes! Great additions, Napolean Perdis and Bloom.

    Miranda - Yeah, it's pretty difficult not to get your heart set on stuff you can't have!


  12. I have quite a few of these products :) I love my Australis creme blush and Lychee Crush especially. Agreed, though we get horribly overpriced stuff from overseas brands, we do come up with really good products of our own (that are affordable!) as well.

  13. Sleepandwater - We really do have some good products, we just forget when we get distracted by all the other products overseas countries have to offer (and rub in our faces!)


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