Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick - Soft Coral

I bought this Rimmel Lipstick on sale for four dollars at Kmart (I think) and really wasn't expecting much at all. I wasn't able to see the actual product in the store so I had to cross my fingers and hope that it was a nice colour. Fortunately, it was, in fact the colour is absolutely gorgeous! So why don't I like it?

The pigmentation of this product is wonderful. One swipe and it gives your lips a nice bit of colour but nothing too drastic. Two swipes and it is really lovely. Three swipes and you have a bold coral lip, obviously lipstick but gorgeous all the same. The lasting factor is pretty good, but I found that if I ate or drank it didn't stick too well though. Now here's where the problem is...once it has worn of you are left with glitter lips. Silver chunks of glitter randomly stuck to your lips. And it looks just awful!

Have you any idea how frustrating this is?! A lovely lipstick, a colour I don't have, and then only to find that as it wears off you are left with these awful silver chunks ranomly scattered across your lips. I'm not really into the whole 'I am a three year old that has been raiding my mother's makeup' kind of look, but this really looks bad. It honestly looks like a three year old that has found some sparkly eyeshadow and had some fun.

When you have just applied it up until it has worn off there are no visible glitter chunks. Sure it is a little glittery, but barely noticeable. Then suddenly...BAM, you are left with a disco ball explosion.

Depite the fact that it is a moiture renew lipstick, it feels incredibly drying. It is really gritty and uncomfortable on the lips. It is kind of like an exfoliating lip scrub...just you know, with glitter insead of sugar granules.

I'm not really sure what I think about the packaging. The metallic purple packaging, whilst seeming tacky, is also quite likeable at the same time. It has the Rimmel Crown pressed into the cap which I am not a fan of. Since purchasing my Face of Australia Lipstick I kind of have this expectation that all good lipsticks must have a clear cap! It makes such a difference! It does have a sticker on the bottom, but as always, it isn't colour accurate.

It has no smell which is good (I have recently become sensitive to the horrible 'lipstick' smell).

This lipstick contains some really good things and some really, really bad things. I adore the colour, it is just gorgeous, but I am completely put off by the sparkle. The lasting power is good but it is very drying.

I think I am going to have to give this one 5 out of 10.


  1. This looks like a lovely colour, shame about the drying quality :(

    Laura xoxo

  2. It really is a shame :( I can't understand why it feels so drying considering that it mentions the moisture factor as being the focus of the lipstick!

  3. I agree 100% with you. i brought this lipstick too and did a post on it and i thought it was a great bargain for the price and such a pretty colour and i had heard such good things about the moisture renew lipsticks but this one just disappointed. I also hate how when you rub your lips together it feels like there are little grains in the lipstick which of course is the glitter. I never wore it long enough to have it wear funny on me though.

    Rhianne xx

  4. I bought about 4 of these at the same time (v cheap sale price) and have the same problem with the stupid glitter bits. They also dried my lips out like crazy! Now I just keep one in my purse to use to draw on people's faces when they pass out. I'm nice like that.

  5. Rhianne - It is such a shame because whilst I wasn't expecting them to be brilliant, I hadn't anticipated the abundance of glitter.

    Michaela - You do sound nice! Oh well, at least lipstick comes off!


  6. That is such a gorgeous color! I love coral shades :)

  7. It really is gorgeous! That is why it is such a shame that it has so much glitter in it!


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