Friday, March 2, 2012

Look what I discovered!

Pretty Casual


I had seen these kinds of posts everywhere and had absolutely no idea how on Earth people were doing them. I finally found out and I think I am in love. It is amazing and they are so much fun to do.

Please don't be too harsh, it is my first and I spent the whole time trying to work out how to use it all! I took no notice of brands or prices (hence why the jeans are $355!) but just found things that I liked!

It was so much fun!


  1. Yay for polyvore! Good job, love that necklace and the flats. It's addictive :)

  2. That Revlon polish looks lovely!!!

    Over on my blog I am having a MAC lipstick give away - you can win the colour of your choice :o)


  3. Do you mean the Revlon lipstick? I'll have to check out your blog.


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