Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OOTD - Shopping

The dog felt compelled to be a part of
the OOTD - too bad he can't show
off his outfit!
I posted my first OOTD on February 26. I was very hesitant to do so but received some lovely comments so I decided I could probably do another one.

I went out shopping in this outfit so my main aim was comfort. I always make sure that I am wearing a tank top under my shirt because it comes in soooo handy when trying on clothes to buy. The shirt underneath (the tank top) was from target, the collared top I actually found at an Op-shop and I love it! It is so good in summer because it is so light and casual and you can chuck it over a bikini at the beach or wear it out shopping! It was originally from Country Road.

My shorts were also from the Op-shop and have also been so good for summer. They are very comfortable, and whilst I have seen better looking shorts, they were so cheap and have come in so handy. I just love them.

My bag is the same one from my first OOTD, which I forgot to mention was from Equip so it was very cheap.

The bracelets I'm wearing I have had for so long now I just cannot remember where on Earth I got them from! The necklace was from Diva.

Last but not least are my shoes which I also got from the Op-shop. Gosh, I hadn't planned on doing an Op-shop OOTD, but that is kind of how it has turned out. Maybe I will do that...what a good idea! All my clothes and jewellery can be Op-Shop stuff. Sounds like a challenge to me! Keep your eyes out for an upcoming Op-shop OOTD!


  1. Aaaaah I want that watch pendant necklace. It's so nice.
    Great outfit of the day. Casual yet cute. Your dog is adorable, just look at that face awww! Kish.

  2. Great outfit, especially as it's a lot of op-shop stuff, I never find anything I like :)
    Love love love those shoes!

  3. Pandora - The necklace, I think, cost about $2-5 so it was definitely a bargain! He is quite a cute little thing!

    Youlittlebeauty - It's not easy to find stuff at the Op-shop. Sometimes I come out with half the shop and other times nothing at all.


  4. Hi love, I've tagged you for the Colors of the Rainbow tag!

  5. Thanks Gianna, I'll have to check that out!


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