Monday, November 21, 2011

Little ladybird

I was out in the garden getting some lettuce for dinner, when I saw these lovely ladybirds on the lettuce leaves. I haven't seen ladybirds in so long, so I took a couple of pictures and then was inspired to try and do some sort of makeup look.

Well, it really didn't work at all. It was embarrassing. I didn't wear it out in public of course, but I saw what a mess I made of it! Anyway, I took it as a learning experience and I am going to be brave and post pictures. Oh dear. It didn't even remotely resemble the ladybirds and was such a terrible waste of time. So embarrassing!

Admittedly, the camera did make it look quite a bit worse than it actually was, but it still looked as though I had two horrible black eyes. Obviously I was not expecting red to be a wonderful shade - I was aware that it wasn't going to be the most appealing look, but I didn't think it was possible for me to make such a mess. I had black in the outer corners but when I tried to blend it a bit it mixed with the red and went purple and awful.

Not only did the eyeshadow get out of hand, but the mascara I tried to use on my lower lashes (Maybelline lash stiletto) made my eyes look disgusting. Definitely an upper lashes mascara only!

Probably the only thing that worked out okay with this was the eyeliner, which is a miracle for me. This whole experience has totally put me off trying out anything other than my usual earthy/natural eyeshadow looks and everyday makeup.

So here you can see that it is not
looking too promising...

Rocking the black-eye look

The only good thing about this?
My upper lashes look pretty thick

Now I bet you are thinking that I had a sulk, wiped it all off and vowed never to ever try anything like this ever again..well you would be right. It didn't last long because then, after much thought, I decided that I could do a much better job and that I wasn't going to let something like this stuff me up. I tried again. Oh gosh, I actually tried again.

I think it turned out to be better the second time (it wouldn't really be hard, would it?) I used orange/brown colours to match the ladybird and tried to keep it as simple as possible. 

I used eyeliner and mascara, and this time it turned out to be alright. I still wouldn't say that I actually like it, but it doesn't make me want to cry so that is a good sign.

My eye appears to have changed colour
compared to last photo!

This photo looks a bit creepy!

Not the best quality but oh well...

So, that is how it all worked out. Nevertheless, I am not going to try something like this again!

Have you guys ever done a makeup look that made you want to cry? Care to share your beauty blunder stories?


  1. Haha any colour products that I usually try, apart from colored lower lash eyeliner, usually fails on me!

    This is a gorgeous look :)


  2. Thanks Gianna, you are kind!
    Colour is such a scary thing!

  3. Come to think of it, I haven't seen ladybirds for a long time too.The mascara and eyeliner look really good on you. Cute post.

  4. Ladybirds seem to go missing during winter. Thanks, it was a miracle that the eyeliner worked!


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