Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Body Shop Born Lippy - Strawberry

Can you believe it? I finally got the lipbalm I have been drooling over for what feels like years. Every time I go to the shops I have to walk into the body shop and lather on all their body butters and smell all their lipbalms. But now I won't have to smell the lipbalms, because my gorgeous friend bought one for me. Yes, I am the proud owner of the Body Shop Born Lippy lipbalm in Strawberry.

I have been smelling it all day, except for the times that my friends were smelling it. It's so good. The smell is also rather long lasting on your lips, quite unlike a lot of other lipbalms that you can't even smell once it is applied. It's actually the most gorgeous colour in the pot too, not that that's got anything to do with anything...

I probably wouldn't call this a lipbalm, more of a gloss, but everyone I know refers to it as a lip balm. It has a super slight tint to it that enhances any colouring you naturally have in your lips, but doesn't change change your colouring otherwise.

It isn't sticky but gives you this lovely glossy finish to your lips. It smells amazing (have I already mentioned that!) but doesn't taste like anything. I love the consistency, it's like jelly. It could be considered to be a little greasy, but if you apply it lightly it is just perfect. I wouldn't carry this around in my handbag because when the heat increases it gets a little runny.

It isn't moisturising in the slightest (but it doesn't actually dry out your lips) which I why I think it is a gloss, but so many people I know use it as a balm. The only problem I have with this is that it is in the pot. It means you have to get your fingers in it. The consistency is too thick for a tube but too thin for a stick. The price here in Australia isn't all that wonderful either...

I really like this product and I shall continue to rave on about it to all who wants to listen. As sad as this sounds, I would buy it just for the smell, the fact that I can use it on my lips is a bonus!

I give this product 9 out of 10.


  1. Hey! I am using this one currently and I so agree with you. it's the scent that makes me go back to these lippies

  2. Yes, the scent is just gorgeous!

  3. I love these lip balms. My fav is raspberry!

  4. Raspberry (along with Watermelon) is next on my list when I run out of strawberry!

  5. really want to try it! Please check out my blog!

    Thank You


  6. I absolutely love the body shop lipbalms! :)


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