Sunday, November 13, 2011

A cool discovery

The other day I decided that I would close my eyes and pick a lip product that I was going to wear. If you've read my blog, you would be aware that I quite like my lip products and that I have a couple (a couple thousand!), and so I was hoping it would make me wear something I had forgotten about. I actually ended up discovering a lipgloss that I never knew I had!

It's a funny lipgloss, very small and the only thing printed on it is 'Girlforce.' No ingredients, no colour name, absolutely nothing. I don't think I have ever seen it and I have absolutely no idea of how I may have came about to having it in my collection. It's even weirder because I just cleaned out my makeup stash and rearranged it. Upon further inspection I found that I actually had several of these glosses...a total of five in fact!

Anyway, getting back to the challenge. I ended up wearing this lipgloss as I promised myself that I would. I am in love with the colour. I am so glad I found this lipgloss.

It's a lovely coral kind of colour. It has a bit of shimmer but I don't think it is anything too over the top. It is a little brighter than what I would normally go for...actually, quite a lot brighter, but I will find more ways to wear it!

I think I'll do a review on all five of these lipglosses sometime soon, instead of talking about it now. That way I can go into a little more detail and I can add in swatches and what not. I think I will also make it my challenge to give them all a name!

I would recommend playing the 'pick a makeup product to wear with your eyes closed game' every now and again. Pick your random product first so that you can base the rest of your makeup look around it!

One thing that I will mention though, is that once this product started wearing away, it actually left silver glitter on my lips...not too pleased about that!


  1. Wow that colour is gorgeous! S perfect for summer :) I did a clean out of my stuff a while ago and got rid of a heap I haven't worn in ages. Now wishing I hadn't :p


  2. Yes, I really love this colour. It's so hard to tell what to keep and what to get rid of when you clean out your makeup!



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