Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monthly Favourites - January

The first month of 2013 is well and truly over, and the realisation that one twelfth the new year has passed has been quite a surprise if I'm really honest with you. To think that the countdown to the end of the year has already begun!

As always, here are the products I used most regularly in January.

Face - I wrote a raving review about the incredible concealing properties of the Catalina Geo Skin Cover, and as a result I used this basically everyday. As this is not a cheap product I probably should be using this a little more sparingly, but I just love it too much. I will miss it when it runs out!

Eyes - This little eyeshadow quattro by Essence, whilst not the most amazing product I have ever stumbled across, is one that I've been using regularly, though the second peachy shade in particular. As I mentioned in the review, this is not the best eyeshadow in the whole world but for five dollars I have had a lot of decent wear out of it and I shall continue to use it.

Lips - My love for lip crayons carries on, with my Face of Australia lip crayon in Macaron stealing the lip category spotlight. I don't know what it was about this shade (usually Cupcake is easily the most worn) but I turned to it so often it wasn't funny. I love it so much.

Nails - For nails it was terribly easy, because I wore a long ago discontinued polish by Innoxa on my toes all month. It is in the shade Hot Chilli but it was literally years and years ago that I purchased this.

Other - Lastly is the other category, and for January it easily goes to the Paul Penders P.M. Moisturiser (night cream) that I won in a giveaway (more coming up in regards to that soon!). I've never used a night cream but I have since discovered how lovely they are, being a thicker and more luxurious cream for overnight wear. I will eventually get around to completing a review on it but if you were thinking about getting it, you certainly get my tick of approval.

There you have it, my first favourites post of 2013!


  1. Nice favourites!
    I've still yet to try the FOA sheer gloss lip crayons!

    1. Thank you, oh you must you must, they are incredible!

  2. The post is actually inspiring! The nail polish color is really good! But can't take my eyes off the lip crayon! At first I thought it was Clinique's Chubby stick! I love bright colors and it looks a perfect choice!

    1. Awww Nivedita you are the greatest! :) The nail polish is beautiful, but you are right, the lip crayon is the standout. It is the most gorgeous red you will ever come across :)

  3. I need to dig out my FOA lip crayons and put them on rotation again!


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