Thursday, February 14, 2013

Essence Sun Club Eyeshadow - Bondi beach collection long beach

Essence is a brand that regular readers of my blog will know that I like. Since their arrival early last year (I think that is when they hit Australian shores) they have gradually begun taking over my makeup collection in all categories - lips, cheeks, eyes, nails and face products. Though there have been a couple of disappointments, the incredible products I have been able to pick up for a couple of dollars certainly outweigh them. Their limited edition collections are also incredible.

I was lucky enough to receive this eyeshadow palette as part of a giveaway prize from Sophie's giveaway over at Born to Buy and it is one of the Essence products that has not at all been a disappointment.

Top row

I am a lover of all neutrals, but as I'm sure many of you will know, there are only so many browns, champagnes and taupes that you can have before they all start looking very much the same. Despite this, it doesn't stop me from picking up yet another neutral quad, but the wonderful thing about this palette was that though it was neutral it contained several shadows in shades that are slightly different from ones that I already own. Brilliant!

There are eight shades, and if I do say so myself I think they are a bit of an odd combination. I don't know what it is but I feel that they are just a strange selection of colours and seem to be missing some of the staples that neutral palettes usually have, though I suppose in this case it is a good thing because all of the shades are different from what I already own.

Top Row
The first is a lovely shimmery, golden champagne type colour. It would be absolutely perfect except that it contains huge chunks of glitter than go everywhere and look absolutely ridiculous on my eyes. Had there been no giant chunks of glitter I would have used this shade all the time.

The second shade across the top row is a pinky based champagne and applies smoothly without the unsightly glitter. This is a true dusty pink and therefore, in my opinion, needs to be applied with care, but it is a lovely shade all the same

Third across the top is a very dark brown (almost black) shade that is highly pigmented and also must be applied with care, though for different reasons. You only need the tiniest bit to get excellent colour payoff with this shade.

Last on the top row is a shimmery middle-brown that is a nice crease colour for a darker, smokey look. 

Bottom Row
Moving onto the second row we begin with a highly unusual peachy orange. Having never come across such a shade this one fascinates me the most, though I struggle to wear it without feeling like a bit of a clown. I do love this colour but fear that it is a little unflattering. It applies so gorgeously and smooth though, it is very silky.

Next is a bright golden, orange toned shade. I love the warm feel this has and use this on a regular basis.

Moving on is another one of my favourites from this palette, a light brown taupe kind of colour. It isn't too cool which I like, and it works well with the majority of shades in this palette.

The last shade has an identical texture to the first - highly chalky with great big chunks of unflattering glitter. Such a shame.
All of the shades have an impressively high level of pigmentation and have a lovely, silky finish - excluding the first and last of the shades.

I wore these without primer for ten hours with minimal creasing, but any longer than that quickly turned into extreme creasing that looked pretty horrific. I do imagine the wear time would be extended significantly with primer, but I am satisfied with ten or so hours of wear with slight creasing.

I like the packaging because it is simple and sturdy. Though I don't use the brush/sponge applicator provided, I like that they have included both a brush and a sponge as opposed to two sponges. I think that for those who are perhaps beginners or don't mind using little brushes, this is an excellent way to go.

I'm not sure of the exact price for this product, but I can guarantee it wouldn't be more than about seven dollars. For that price I would definitely purchase this.

I do really like this palette, I think because of the shade selection and the silky nature of the shadows (silkier than the other Essence shadows I have reviewed here and here).

I give this palette 8/10.


  1. Lovely neutral palette :) Gotta love Essence!
    I prefer their single eyeshadows over their quads.

    1. Essence is just brilliant! I actually like their quads better, though I haven't actually tried too many of either.

  2. Looks like a good option for an affordable neutral eyeshadow palette :) I like the light brown taupe colour you mention as one of your favourites too! :)

    1. Essence is just so great when it comes to good prices!

  3. This looks very nice :) I don't need anymore neutrals though :P

    1. Oh I know, I am shocking when it comes to neutrals, I have so many!


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