Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top 3 Tuesday - Nail Polish

Time for another 'Top 3 Tuesday!'

This week I rounded up my top three nail polishes. This was actually really quite easy as I have been into reds for soooo long now, and there were two stand out red polishes from my collection. I don't wear nail polish all that often, but when I do, these three polishes are the ones that I always go for, and one of this is always on my toes!

1. Ulta 3 Polish in Pink Colada
I've mentioned this polish quite a few times on my blog, but I have never actually completed a full review. This is my favourite polish ever, and it cost me only $2.50! It is an amazing formula, incredibly beautiful shade and is nice and quick drying. It lasts a while on my nails, is glossy and pretty much has no faults. I love this polish!

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2. Essence Colour and Go Polish in Better Late than Never
This beautiful polish is a very, very similar shade to Pink Colada, just slightly more warm toned. This formula is great and I love that it really does dry in record time. It comes in the more adorable little bottle and costs $2.55. Once again, a cheap red polish that I am completely in love with!

3. Australis Nail Colour in Dusk
I'm probably cheating a bit with this polish here since it is discontinued, but I just had to include it because it is so gorgeous. This golden, bronze toned 'dusk' colour is incredible on the nails. It is a subtle metallic touch that is just beautiful. It is slightly streaky and does require about three coats, but it is so worth it!

Close but not close enough...

This week's 'close but not close enough' pick goes to another Ulta Polish in Watermelon. I really love this colour but with my recent obsession with reds I just haven't found myself wearing it as often. Whilst it is a beautiful colour it doesn't match with everything I wear, so that is the reason it didn't make it into my top 3.


  1. Gorgeous colours, love them all : )


    1. You have a good taste in nail polish :)
      They are really lovely shades

  2. Watermelon is one of my absolute favourite Ulta3 polishes :) Such a vibrant summery colour!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Oh I have the essence polish, it's incredible!!


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