Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 3 Tuesday - Lipgloss

I'm going to kick start my new, exciting blog series 'Top 3 Tuesday' with my current top 3 lipglosses.

Each week I will feature my top 3 products from the chosen category, link the reviews I have done on them and describe each of the products relatively briefly. I will select the products not only based on their brand, formulation etc. but their shades too - this might mean that I have three products from the same brand that are different shades. I will also include a 'close but not close enough' product that just missed the cut for one reason or another.

This week is lipglosses, one of the most loved and most recognised makeup products amongst ladies of all ages. I was always more of a balm/lipstick kind of person, but that didn't mean I wasn't a fan of the classic lipgloss too!

My top 3 picks:

1. Savvy Lip Jewels Lipgloss in Pink Diamond
I absolutely love my Savvy lipgloss, and it is probably the cheapest of the three! I purchased it for three dollars a long time ago and I still wear it frequently. I love the texture, shade, formulation, lasting power and of course price, the only problem is that (of course) it is discontinued. I must check out one of their new lipglosses...

2. Essence Stay with Me long lasting lipgloss in Candy Bar

L-R: Essence, Australis, Savvy
This was a semi raved about product for a while there and it was when Essence was just new to Australia that I purchased this. I bought it for four dollars and I really loved this bright (but subtle enough for daily wear) shade that contained no shimmer or glitter. It is a lovely formulation, tints the lips when it wears off and it an all round good lipgloss.

3. Australis Lipgloss in Jazz
I purchased this as part of a set, and this is my favourite of all the shades. It has a nice formula and once again remains shimmer free. It isn't overly sticky, has a nice formulation and I have grown fond of its mini size.

Close but not close enough...

For the 'close but not close enough' award is my Maybelline Shine Sensational lipgloss in Tempting Toffee. This gloss tastes incredible, is a gorgeous colour and has an alright formulation, but the reason it didn't make my top 3 is because it isn't packaged with a doe foot applicator, unlike the other three. I have discovered that whilst I don't hate the tube glosses, I really do prefer the application wands.

Let me know if you like any of these glosses, or if you have any other glosses that are your favourites!


  1. Love your idea of doing a top 3 post :)
    I have been looking at the maybelline glosses but haven't got them yet....are they sticky?
    Love your blog, just followed it!
    Have a lovely day,

  2. Thanks :) The Maybelline glosses are thicker than the average gloss, but not incredibly sticky. I've actually completed a review on it if you are interested - it is linked in the above post. Thanks for the follow, much appreciated.


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