Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ulta Nail Polish collection

Base - Rubi Nail polish in
Ace of spades
Sparkles - One coat of Confetti
I seriously have Ulta Nail polishes coming out of my ears! I have absolutely no idea how I managed to aquire so many, but I thought I might do a little collection post, just for fun.

I've done several reviews on my Ulta Polishes before, so if you are interested in them have a look here, here and here. These polishes are the cheapest of cheap, they are practically free. As you would imagine, no one really takes much notice of them because they just firgure something of that price would be the most awful quality imagineable. That definitely stopped me from purchasing them for a long time, until finally one day I did.

Oh how I managed without them I just don't know! These are such good nail polishes and the colour range is sooo big. Sure, they do chip in the end and some of them need a couple of coats for full coverage, but these things just don't matter when you stop to remember the amazing price you pay.

Base - Lily White
Sparkles - Confetti (one coat)
The two photos with the sparkles showcase the newest of my Ulta polishes - Confetti. (Ignore the disgusting paint job I did, I didn't actually wear this polish I just did it so I could take a photo and then take it off straight afterwards!) It is a clear based polish with green, blue and purple sparkles. I personally am not all that keen on how it looks in the bottle, but on black it looks incredible, and on white it's not too bad either. As you bloggers would know, sparkly polishes often don't show their true beauty on camera, and this was no exception. For someone who really isn't into sparkly nail polishes, this is really, really nice.

Just recently I was given five polishes, (including confetti). I must admit, most of them I wouldn't usually go for but I was pleasantly surprised with how I warmed to them.

The photo to the left shows confetti on it's own, Mojito (green), Blue Marlin, Tangelo and Orchid. Each of them have two coats except for Orchid which only has one.  As you can see, Tangelo is the brightest and is probably the one that I would go for the most out of all of them. Orchid looks so lovely in this picture, but it is actually this metallic polish with a gold kind of sheen to it. Really not my kind of polish! Ihave never really gotten into blue or green nail polishes so these were never going to take my fancy, but the blue one I think looks quite nice. Who knows, I might need the green one day...

So, I have 11 Ulta polishes in total...and that's only the beginning of my nail polish collection that isn't Ulta! My favourite Ulta polish is probably Pink Colada, then Watermelon, then Plum Violet.

If you are interested in seeing any of these up close on my fingernails or a review on a particular one (the formula does differ from polish to polish) then just comment because that is very easily accomplished. I just felt as though I needed to do a collection posts, and I enjoy seeing a whole heap of polishes at a time rather than just one.

Do you guys own any polishes from this brand? Have you had a good experience with them?


  1. The first picture (Black & white sparkles) is such a nice design! I will have to try these polishes out sometime. I mostly only buy cheap ones!
    xox Soph

  2. I love these polishes! You have such awesome colours :P

  3. Soph - It is a really good combination. Cheap is the way to go, haha! Definitely worth checking out!

    Gianna - Another Ulta polish fan! I do have quite a nice range if I do say so myself! :)


  4. Coco - :) With the range I've got I could probably start my own shop!

  5. Oh how I love these colours. I bite my nails, but this has inspired me to stop. Really like your blog, hope you don't mind me following.


  6. binA - Glad you found this post of some use! Hope you don't mind me following back! :)

  7. I only have one ulta3 nail polish and like you it was given to me. It's called bouquet.

      It's a shimmery pearly fuchsia. Very flashy so I don't wear it often. I know you're not a fan of greens or blues but there's this other colour called sea breeze swirl that I really want to get.

    2. It looks nice :) I like blues and greens on others, I just can't seem to make it work for me.


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