Friday, February 10, 2012

Body Shop Strawberry Body butter

I have been wanting this body butter from the Body shop my entire life. "So why didn't you get it you crazy person!" you must all be thinking. To be honest, there were a couple of factors involved.
The first was that I didn't like the price very much. Yes, I may be a little tight with my money, but here in Australia some of the things from the body shop are too over priced for my liking. Another factor was that I had heard some negative reviews about the product, mainly that it was greasy and felt awful on the skin. Some hated the fragrance too because they felt that it was much too overpowering. Yet another factor was that I am someone who quite likes just drooling over a product, dropping in to see it when I happen to be at the shops and talking about how wonderful it will be. More often than not, a product isn't nearly as good as you imagined it. It was a nice surprise to find that this one was even better!

I was given this with a couple of other things from a friend for Christmas. She had heard me talking about it and had a liking for body shop products herself, so she bought me one and one for herself!

I must begin the review with the smell. It is the most beautiful smelling body butter I have ever come across. The fragrance is incredibly strong which is exactly how I like it, and it is one that you will never, ever get sick of. It is very, very sweet and I do have to be very disciplined when I use it as I really, really want to eat it.

It is incredibly moisturising, I use it daily on even the driest skin areas and find that it works like magic. I know they have body butters where the tubs are divided, one side having the everyday body butter and the other having the  more intensive one for very dry skin. I don't think it is worth it as I found this to be perfectly fine.

It soaks into the skin very well and doesn't leave you with a horrible greasy feeling. Well, not too greasy, depending on your skin it can take a little time to soak in. I think that is the only problem that I have with it, and even then it is oh so slight.  Your skin feels soft for ages after use.

You do need a fair bit of product and so I found that I started to use it up very quickly which was rather frightening. If you think I'm crazy, all will be explained here.

I think the actual tub looks lovely, simple but so effective. Strawberry is definitely my favourite in the range, but if it is not your think I'm sure you could find something - there are soooo many different body butters to choose from!

I used this on mild sunburn and I swear that it actually help reduce it. I know it reduced the pain at least but I think it is secretly some magic product for sunburn (I could be imagining this but my sunburn was almost gone the next day after a good lathering of the body butter!)

Do I love this product? Yes I do, I shall be purchasing more should the end of the world come and I run out of it. I give this product 9 out of 10.


  1. I have the coconut one and i loveeee it :) But the body shop prices have risen so much from what they used to be, that sometimes i wonder if they're really worth it!

  2. I feel the same way about TBS pricing. It's a little silly compared to other markets! I had the body butter in the cherry scent and ended up just using it as a handcream so I could use that yummy scent for as long as possible!

  3. Lancy - Thanks Lancy

    Gianna - I know, I'm so glad that I got it given to me as a present because otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it for myself

    Michaela - Good idea, I think it will be strictly a hand cream from now on because I really don't want to waste it on my legs and what not

    Thanks a heap for the comments guys!


  4. I've used this one in the past and it was really good for helping my dry skin. It did however end up being a little clumpy at times when it came to application. I agree with the pricing about the Body Shop, I even thought it was slightly too expensive when I was living in the UK and without all the added pricing on for buying internationally.

  5. Yes, I think it would be good for dry skin. I haven't found it to be clumpy yet, so I hope it stays like that!
    Pricing always gets in the way with beauty products!


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