Sunday, September 25, 2011

Loreal Paris Made for me intense - Pink Fever

I have very red lips, so whenever I wear lipstick it never ever looks the same as it did in the tube. I also get sick of having red lips and I am naturally draw to pale pinks. I have been searching for the ultimate pink coloured lipstick for so long now that I have kind of given up.

I was at a charity event where they had the silent auctions. I wasn't all that keen on anything, so I ended up bidding 4 dollars on a lipstick lying on the table. I didn't check to see what colour it was or anything, because I knew someone would outbid me anyway. Well, at the end of the night it turned out I had won the lipstick. I paid for it and left and dumped it on my dressing table at home. The next day I opened it to see what colour it was, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Was this the lipstick that I had been searching for forever?

Yes it was. I almost cried with joy. This was the one! 

It was the perfect colour, even on my red lips. Yep, a perfect match - it was made for me. Ironic really, because that is exactly what the line is called - Loreal Paris, Made for me Intense!

It's so creamy and perfect. I apply a coat, blot and then apply another, however one coat looks absolutely fine. It stays on for a long time and has a slight sparkle to it. It can be a little drying so I do apply lipbalm beforehand. It has a smell to it, but I really can't describe it - I like it though.

It also works as a nice blush for me, and doesn't feel too sticky and disgusting. I love this lipstick so much, it is definately a favourite of mine. The only thing I would change would be taking out the sparkle.

I give it 9 out of 10.

I would love to hear about your perfect lipstick and whether or not you have found it yet!

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  1. I really love that lipstick to the colour is so pretty and when you apply it, it just makes you feel really girly and cute xxx

    my blog :

    Lauren x


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