Monday, September 12, 2011

Amazing Face - Zoe Foster

This post is a bit of a special one, because it is my first beauty book review!
I stumbled across this when I was reading a magazine - in tiny print down the bottom of the beauty page was a mention of 'an awesome beauty book full of things every girl needs to know.' Hmmm, I thought, I'm a girl and I like awesome beauty books. I came to the conclusion that this sounded like the book for me!

Months passed and I forgot about it, until a friend recommended it to me. Fate? I think so! Thanks to my local library, Amazing face is currently in my room full of some amazing secrets for my brain to soak up as much as possible!

I'm going to go through this book step by step, to give you a good taste of what it's all about. I shall begin with the front cover (and back cover just to make life easier for me!)

I love the front cover  - who wouldn't?! It's just great. It's fun and it's beauty related (kind of) and it reminds me of being in primary school and doing finger painting! Fun!
I like the design on the back and I like the blurb, however I do think it could have been much better.

Open the book up and you are greeting with pages so full of happiness and joy - they're bursting with energy! Most of the pages are AMAZING, however some just make me want to cry (page 122, uh, yuck!). Still, Zoe's hilarious writing style makes up for every little bad bit, and I spent so much time giggling at all the names she came up with - my favourites including, 'you loved up little lamington' and 'you naughty little porcupine!' I also loved her quotes, like, 'I like that brand of topsy turvy, lateral thinking. That's why I prefer to pour milk into the milo tin, instead of the more common Milo-into-milk technique,' 'One question I am asked a lot is "Which do you prefer: Peaches or crocodiles?"'and 'Are you crazy like a coconut?' Hilarious!

Some crazy things I learned:
- A gloss that matches the exact colour of your gums will be the most flattering shade of 'nude' for your lips
- To find the shape of your face, pull your hair back and trace the outline of your face, with a lipstick, on the mirror (okay....)
- Sleeping on a silk pillow prevents you from getting wrinkles (not sure how much I believe this one...)

Some new (and great) ideas:
- Keep roseship oil/rosewater mist handy when you need to freshen up, it works wonders!
- Use a translucent powder to keep your makeup on your face for the whole day!
- If you use bronzer and blush together (it takes skill) you can make it look half decent (I must admit, I cannot do it)

Stuff I am proud to say I already knew/do:
- Applying white eyeliner/shadow in the corner of your eyes open them up and make you look instantly awake - as though you've had a full nights sleep when really you've only been asleep two hours!
- Flaky/Dry skin does not necessarily mean you have to get out the heavy moisturiser - it may just mean your skin needs a drink of water
-Exfoliation is important, but not when you end up ripping the skin off your face instead of removing dead skin cells
-Sunscreen is the most important thing when it comes to skin protection. Wear it everyday, no questions asked!

Stuff of no relevance to me whatsoever:
- Everything about people over the age of 30
- Stuff about deep wrinkles
- The four pages about covering a cold sore (yuck)

And totally random stuff I learnt:
- Don't eat chicken that has been out of the fridge for twelve hours

I won't tell you any more because you should go out and get this book for yourself!
I really liked this book - even if it was a little crazy at times! I would give it 8 out of 10.

* I won't be posting for about 5 days, so this is a special post!

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