Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Empties

I'm not good when it comes to empties, I've just got too many wonderful products to choose from that I never really get stuck on a product that I completely use up. Nevertheless, I've decided to post an empties for 2014 because I actually used up some makeup products and I'm hoping it will encourage me to get through some more in 2015!

Garnier BB cream 
I loved the Garnier BB cream when it first came out and then when the oily skin version came out (the one pictured above) I couldn't believe that they had made the formulation even better! This is a product that I literally use every single day and I've already repurchased it.

Rimmel Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer
This was the first concealer I ever bought and I don't even know if they even sell it anymore, but it was pretty good. As the name suggests, it was more for under the eyes but being the unexperienced, new to makeup kind of girl, I just used it on whatever I felt like! I won't be repurchasing this again (if it is even still being sold) because there are better ones out there.

Face of Australia Concealer in Neutral
I really, really like this concealer and I've already picked up another one because it's affordable, a good colour match (despite there only being three shades available) and it does the job well. Face of Australia is one of my favourite brands too!

Essence Clear Brow and Lash Gel
This is my annual empty, I've used up a tube of these every year for a while now I just love it so much. Even when I'm having a no makeup day (and I mean not a scrap of concealer or mascara or anything) I still use this because I have nice thick brows that look amazing as long as they are tamed! I've already got a back up or three of this!

Covergirl Lashblast Length Mascara
I loved this mascara to death and continued using it wayyy beyond its use-by date (don't do it!). Having discovered so many other mascaras I've now realised that this wasn't quite as incredible as I thought it was, however it still is relatively good and served its purpose well.

Face of Australia Pressed Powder in Beige
Technically I only hit pan on this one but I am going to count it as an empty because that's a big achievement for me! This powder was okay but I wouldn't buy it again because I've tried others that are superior (although admittedly more expensive).

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo in Party Nights
Though this isn't the best dry shampoo in the world, it's $2 and it works just fine for me! Dry shampoo has made me the laziest person and I just love it. I've already repurchased a couple more of these.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Fresh
Well what do you know, another dry shampoo! Batiste make really good dry shampoos so if you're willing to spend a little more then definitely go for their products. I've not repurchased because I'm stingy and find the Girlz Only ones work well enough for me.

Dove Deodorant 
I used up way more than one deodorant this year but I only showed this one because they were all Dove roll ons. I don't know why I tend to purchase Dove ones, I guess it's just habit!

Herbal Essences Split Ends Protector Mask
I quite enjoyed this product although it was by no means a huge favourite or anything. I think it did improve the state of my hair, but I've used other intensive conditioners since and I feel as though they all do pretty much the same thing.

Michika Complete Synergist Cloth Masks
This was the first time I'd ever tried one of these masks and I really enjoyed the experience! They were richly moisturising and left my skin feeling amazing. I'm not sure I'd buy these again, or any mask for that matter, because I just don't ever get around to using them.

So there are my empties, probably a dismal amount compared to others but not bad for me!


  1. Nice job on your empties! I love that Garnier BB cream too but it's too dark for me and I have to mix it with other foundations to make it work!
    xx Kat @ Katness

    1. Thank you! It really frustrates me when brands come out with only two or three shade options in the range, it's so limiting! Luckily for me, most of the time the BB cream is a fairly good match x

  2. I feel the same about the FOA powder, it's okay but a bit too powdery for my liking! The Australis one is much better imo :) Is that FOA concealer a stick one? I always found stick ones a bit drying.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. I've not tried the Australis powder but I've heard SO many people rave about it! It is a stick concealer and I really like it x

  3. That Herbal Essences mask sounds pretty good. Nice lot of empties!


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