Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013's Most Loved part 2

The second installment of 2013's most loved includes all my non-beauty favourites. There are quite a few, and as was the case with almost all my beauty favourites, it was remarkably difficult trying to narrow it down to just one or two items!

My favourites for 2013 were...

Music: Florence & the Machine, Of Monsters and Men and Red Hot Chili Peppers
Anyone who knows me is so very tired of hearing me play songs by Florence and the Machine on repeat, everyday, all day. I can't help it, I'm obsessed! Of Monsters and Men was another favourite of mine in the middle of the year, and I re-discovered the Red Hot Chili Peppers which was my Mum's favourite when I was really young and therefore has sentimental value from my younger years!

Books: Looking for Alaska by John Green and Unwind by Neil Schusterman
I read many of my old favourites over and over this year but didn't include them because they've been my favourites long before 2013! Instead I've included two standouts that I only discovered this year, Looking for Alaska and Unwind. I loved the characters in Looking for Alaska, and the concept of the novel in Unwind.

Food: Homemade Pizzas
This was actually the easiest category to determine as I practically inhaled homemade pizzas in 2013. You can purchase little bases from the supermarket and then I simply topped them with tomato paste, ham and cheese and grilled them in no time. I ate so many of these it's really unhealthy but my god they are good!

Activity: Blogging and Learning to drive

Blogging was without a doubt my most favourite activity this year. It was a much needed break from hectic school work and I loved reading everyone else's blogs too. Learning to drive was another favourite, though a challenging one at that!

Blog post: EOTD: Olive Garden
Why on Earth was this my favourite post? It certainly wasn't my most popular one, nor was it the most humorous or well written. The reason I like it is because I was so scared to do it and the photographs turned out so well. It took me such a long time to create and I put in so much effort, so that is why it is my favourite for 2013.

School subject: Biology
It was a close call between Biology and English but in the end I had to go with Bio because it never fails to capture my attention and feed my hunger for learning about science and the human body.

Travel: Mission trip to Cambodia
This was the highlight of my year, and easily the most important and life changing thing I've ever worked towards in my life. I was so blessed to travel to Cambodia to build houses for underprivileged families in remote communities and it is an experience that I know will never leave me.

Celebrity: Emma Watson and Florence Welch
I don't read up on celebrities or follow their lives, but I think Emma and Florence are just about the most beautiful and admirable celebrities out there in a world that is full of craziness (*ahem Miley Cyrus*).

TV Show: The Big Bang Theory and Call the Midwife
When I could afford a moment from study, it was Big Bang Theory and Call the Midwife that I dedicated my time to. For lots of laughing and a good science fix, who could go past the most wonderful show on earth, Big Bang. For a little more seriousness, I tuned into ABC's Call the Midwife. I can't wait for the new seasons for both shows in 2014.

Drink: Hot Chocolate
Another easy choice, Hot Chocolate always accompanied me in my maths test revision and Engligh essay writing. I don't know what I would have done without it.

Fashion Item: Black Skater Skirt and Maroon Jeans
2013 was the year of the Skater Skirt for many, myself included. I also grabbed a pair of maroon jeans (having never worn coloured jeans in my life) when they were on sale and fell in love with them.

Jewellery: Rings
Considering the amount of jewellery that I own, I really don't wear a lot of it, however I could always be found wearing a pretty ring in 2013. My favourite ring, you ask? Well I could never choose just one...

Accessories: Scarves
I love scarves and I wish that they weren't so limited to the cooler weather because I would wear them everyday if I could. I typically wore black and white scarves in every style with every outfit.

Shoes: Rubi Shoes Black Bow Flats
I mentioned these in many posts, but if you go through about three or four pairs of the exact same shoe you know it's a winner.

Bargain: $8 dress from the Op Shop that I saw on a website for $250
I don't believe I spoke about this bargain of the century, but I was Op-shopping (as always) and found an unusual kind of dress for $8. I tried it on and quite liked it, purchased it and went home content. I was then browsing formal dresses on various websites and, in the most amazing coincidence ever, saw my Op-shop dress for $250. Heck yeah!

Candle: Skittles Candle from Cheap as Chips!
Another bargain, my favourite candle was a $3 skittle flavoured candle that smelled like green skittles (although always made me hungry when I burned it!). Along with a Hot Chocolate it helped me survive my maths revision time and time again!

Movie: No movies stand out to me that I watched in 2013
Next is my favourite movie...of which I could not decide. I rarely watch movies to be honest and therefore I just don't recall a movie that stood out to me. Maybe in 2014 I'll find one.

Photograph: 2 from Cambodia
I just simply could not narrow my favourite photograph that I took in 2013 down to 1...maybe you could help me decide!

So there it is, 2013 in a nutshell. To those of you who have written similar posts, I have loved reading about what captured your heart in the year that just passed and I look forward to what 2014 will bring.


  1. I love The Big Bang Theory too!! Looks like you are my TV show best buddy!

    1. Big Bang is just incredible! You have excellent taste :) x

  2. Loved reading through this - amazing find with that dress too! xx

    1. Thanks Jasmine, I am so pleased with it...I can't believe how much cheaper I managed to get it for - it was such a lucky find! x

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Love that dress! You look great in it :D
    And I've been putting off driving -.- it's just too scary!

    1. Thank you Sheri! It was such a wonderful bargain! Aw, driving's not too scary...parking is though! I hate parking and I'm so bad at it! x

  4. Love me some Of Monsters and Men and Big bang! Also that dress is super pretty - flaunt it girl! Haha! I agree with learning to drive but I'd say I'm probably a lot more scared haha. Also beautiful photos in Cambodia but I'd have to say I like the first one the best!

    Tashi // shiwashiful.

    1. Aw thank you! Once you have a little bit of confidence with your driving it becomes considerably more enjoyable and less frightening. I do recall it was so very scary at first though! Thanks for the vote, the first photo is very much like a postcard kind of shot in my opinion! x

  5. I love your bargain dress it's so cute! I must try this skittle flavoured candle!

    1. Thank you lovely! The candle is just the greatest, and only $3! x

  6. great find with the dress! I love it x

    1. Thanks lovely. I couldn't believe how darn expensive it was online...I wouldn't pay that much for it but for $8, absolutely! x


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