Monday, March 18, 2013

Ring Collection Update

I have an obsession with rings. I love them. Necklaces and bracelets and earrings are nice, but it is rings that take the cake for me. Back in February 2012 I posted my ring collection but of course it has since grown to accommodate for some beautiful rings that I wear all the time, and I thought I might show them to you!

I am a bit of a bargain hunter and I tend to only pick rings up when they are under about $5. Of course, the quality of the majority of the rings I own isn't that great but it doesn't bother me because I pay so little for them.

It is a bit of a pain when the rings tarnish because some of them were so lovely to begin with. It was interesting comparing the tarnished rings to the initial post when they were all shiny and beautiful - they look so different!

These are the 21 rings that I own:

Small Silver Rings
- Bow Ring - $3 from Target
- Striped Ring - $5 from Equip
- Heart Ring - $5 from Equip
- Purple Stone Ring - Family Gift

Tarnished (used to be pretty) rings

- Star ring - Family Gift
- White stripe ring - $5 (Part of Set) from Diva
- All rings on middle finger - $5 (Part of Set) from Diva
- Chunky ribbed ring - $3 from Diva
- Chunky Round ring - $0.50 from Diva

 Fun/Crazy Rings

- Butterfly ring - Gift
- Stone ring - $2 from Diva
- Yellow ring - $0.50 from Market
- Brown ring - $3 from a charity

"Gold" rings

- Leaf Ring - $3 from Lovisa
- Heart Ring - Gift
- Chunky leaf ring - $5 from Factorie
- Stone and leaf ring - $2 from Colette

- 3 Bands - $3 from Equip
- Pink Stone - $5 from Lovisa

So there are all my rings, my favourites are the ones down below but I do love them all!


  1. I own no rings o_o (besides a mood ring lol)
    but I really want some delicate, cute silver ones :)

    Love your collection especially the ribbon and big heart one !

    1. Oh no Sheri, you must keep an eye out for some lovely delicate ones. Rings are so much fun!

      Diva and Equip always have beautiful cheap ones, although they do tarnish quickly which is really disappointing if you find one that you love.


  2. Hello. New follower here. I love watching pictures of your rings. The purple stone, family gift is so pretty. Would appreciate if you follow/check my blog,
    xoxo Nika

  3. The leaf rings and the bow rings are so pretty! You've done well to get them all so cheap! I never wear rings because I'm hopeless at remembering to take them off, and I find they get in the way at work :(

    1. I am a huge fan of leaves...something about them is just so gorgeous. They can get in the way, I will admit, but I just love them so much! :)

  4. I really like the look of the Leaf Rings I've seen ones like it but I don't own any. These all look lovely :)

    1. Thanks Sammi, I am a huge fan of all rings leafy :)

  5. The big heart ring is from Gumbooots.

  6. A really great way to stop your rings from tarnishing is to paint the inside with clear nail polish. This stops the copper from coming through, and it also stops the copper from making your fingers green!

    1. I have heard of this but I got a bit scared about putting polish over all of my rings. I think it would be worth it though, to extend the life of your pieces. Thank you Mishelle!

  7. Beautiful rings, I especially like the bows :)

  8. These are such pretty rings! I've been recently obsessed with rings and bought a few from Lovisa :) I absolutely hate it when they tarnish, sigh I guess that is what we get for cheap rings. My favourites are the leaf and bow rings!

    1. Thanks Karen! It is such a pain when they tarnish :( The leaf and bow rings are lovely :)


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