Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"What do you think?" Wednesdays - Is constructive criticism in regards to makeup okay?

I hate it when people comment about my make-up in a negative way. It's okay if they are complimenting me on it, but if there is anything even remotely negative (even if it is constructive criticism) then I just don't take it well.

I like how I do my make-up, hence why I do it that way. I wouldn't wear it in that particular way if I wasn't pleased with the way it looked. I think that this is why it bothers me so much when someone doesn't like what I've done - because they are essentially insulting me as a person.

I couldn't care less if people didn't like my clothes, shoes or jewellery, but for some (perhaps strange) reason I just hate comments about the make-up.

It is for this reason that I never, ever judge another person's make-up. Okay, that's a lie - I judge everyone's make-up, I just never, ever comment about it. I'll laugh/complain/express my disgust in regards to another's makeup to someone else, but never to their face. I know that if they wore it like that, they must like it, and therefore it is not my place to tell them that they look like escaped clowns from the circus with two hairy caterpillars perched on their electric-shock blue eyelids. Not my place.

I do, however, know several people who would not refrain from 'advising' others on their make-up, whether they be good friends or complete strangers. "That winged eyeliner looks disgraceful honey!" they might shout, or "What were you thinking with the lippy, you look half dead!" Since when did they become make-up experts (we all know I'm the expert here!). But in all seriousness, who is the expert? Maybe they are wrong in their ideas regarding what make-up looks best...maybe I am the one who looks shocking.

Also, is there a point where constructive criticism is kinder than it is mean? If someone is suffering from heavily pencilled eyebrows, orange foundation and navy blue and forest green eyeshadow, is it kinder to suggest a more 'natural' look than it is cruel?

I personally couldn't do it, not to their face. Would you?

I would love to know what you think about giving 'constructive criticism' in regards to other people's make-up.


  1. Oh yay, it's this time of the week again! Time for a long comment, let's get comfy first...

    Okay, I'm comfy! I totally agree with you. I do my makeup for me, not for anyone else, so I find it rude when somebody gives me advise that I didn't ask for. If I ask "Hey do I look a bit orange?" then yes, I'm asking for your opinion. But otherwise, back off!
    If I see somebody with absolutely horrible makeup, of course I'll judge them. In my head. Where it belongs! I would never go up to a complete stranger and go "um blush much?" that's just rude! There might be a reason their makeup is like that, firstly that they like it and think it looks good! Who are we to judge. I don't think anybody can be considered an expert, unless somebody comes to you, asking for your opinion and has an open mind. Then it's alright to tell them what you really think (in a nice way.)
    I think, if I knew a friend who was scary lady you described at the end, I wouldn't tell her flat out. I'd say "hey let's go get our makeup done at a counter in Myer?" and, knowing some of those makeup consultants, they will tell her how it really is. And that's coming from an "expert."

    Some people like constructive criticism, but not everyone does, so it's better to shut your mouth and let them live their life the way they want! Like your last What Do You Think Wednesday! No need to judge a makeup collection, so no need to judge how they use it ;)

    1. Oh yeah, good point about when you ask for an opinion. When I ask for an opinion I find it a lot easier to handle the negative comments, but even so, I'm a bit pathetic and I still find it hard to take. I avoid inviting opinions all together!

      Of course we judge someone's makeup, but like you said, it belongs in your head!

      What a good idea about taking your friend to a counter in Myer - I hadn't thought about that but it is such a good idea. That way, they don't just have someone tell them how they should do their make-up but they also get to see how it looks on them (which would probably help convince them that it looks better that way too!)

      Thanks so much for commenting! Love your opinions and ideas!

  2. Oh interesting post. I have seen many joke facebook pages like "You foundation looks fantastic on your lips" and "You look like you got raped by crayola". So it is definitely something we talk about. Sometimes I think if these people looked at themselves in a photo in a few months/years time they would wish someone had told them to go easy on the blush or eyebrow pencil.
    I have been very tempted a few times to say something to strangers but instead I point it out to whoever I am with discretely (bitchy I know). I have told my mother to go easy on the white eyeliner/white eyeshadow as it looks very harsh on her. Sometimes she listens but most of the time she doesn't as she is strong believer that she is wearing it right. I have had my boyfriend randomly tell me to never wear my makeup like my mum lol. Goes to show men notice these things too!

    1. The point about seeing yourself in a photo years later and wishing that someone had given you some 'advice' is so true, but I also think it is kind of, law, to regret photos too! :)
      I think everyone discretly points people out - it prevents you guys from making the same mistakes too. :) We know we shouldn't do it, but it's pretty hard not to.
      I guess that situation with your Mum is hard, but at least she is confident with it and likes the way it looks.

  3. I agree completely! To me, makeup is just as much an artistic expression of my personality as it is a way to enhance my appearance. If you are happy with your makeup then it's really nobody else's business and they shouldn't advise you on what they think you are doing wrong. However, in cases where a friend just looks absolutely ridiculus & wears way too much makeup, I might say "You have such beautiful eyes, I think a more natural look would really make them pop!" or you could have a makeover party and do her makeup for her...if she likes the more natural look, she might start doing it herself. Straight up calling someone out on their makeup just because it's not your taste is just hurtful, but I would want my friends to help me out, politely, if they could tell I was struggling!

    1. Precisely, makeup is used for so many reasons and therefore it seems a bit much to comment negatively about it. I hadn't thought of giving 'advice' in such a nice way, but I guess if you helped her out and did her make-up for her then it wouldn't be so hard to take (especially if they liked the way it looked).

  4. Yes, I share the same thoughts!
    I do my makeup the way I do because I like it and how it looks on me. I experiment with different looks so I know which one looks the best on me.

    I too, judge other people's makeup but I never comment on it unless one of my friend's eyeliner had smudged and I'll whisper it to her.
    I wear white eyeliner on my lower lash line because it really brightens up my eyes and in my opinion, it doesn't really look that harsh but to other people it might.

    I don't get too angry about it when someone criticizes my makeup but if they do it in a way which makes it seem like they are superior than me in terms of makeup knowledge, THEN I get annoyed.

    1. I experiment too, just to be sure that the way I wear it is actually the way it looks best on me.

      Make-up mistakes (like smudged eyeliner or lipstick on the teeth) I think are totally appropriate to speak of, because they hadn't intended their makeup to be that way.

      Good point about if the person feels that they are superior as a makeup-user - that is the most annoying thing!

      Thanks for commenting!


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