Friday, June 22, 2012

Fixing a broken nail - a temporary solution

The other day while I was simply mucking about the house in my trackies, I knocked my hand on the edge of the doorframe. Apart from it being quite painful, one of the nails tore, the edge only hanging on for dear life, bleeding and looking completely gross. After it stopped bleeding and I was able to clean it up a bit, I became aware of how horrible my nails looked - the middle nail was about 3mm shorter than the others and was hanging off the side. (Sorry about the descriptions by the way, there is a point to this story). The were only two solutions to this a - rewind time and walk through the door like a normal person or b - get fixing. I chose the latter.

I used some eyelash glue (no fancy brand, simply from some Sportsgirl eyelashes) and placed a tiny amount onto the base of the nail. I let it get tacky for about 30 seconds then pressed the part that had torn off back on. It was flimsy, yes, but then I went over it with a coat of coloured polish (I was already wearing that colour on all of my fingers) and then over it again with some clear polish.

This all took about two minutes and to be honest, it looks pretty darn impressive. You could barely even see where it tore. The main problem is that it isn't all that sturdy, which is to be expected...but it does the job in an emergency.

It's not a permanent solution and lasted only a day and then I had to fix it up again. Eventually I got sick of it, but the point of the story is that if you ever need to fix a broken nail really quickly and temporarily, give eyelash glue a shot. Then again, how often are you carrying around eyelash glue...

I have also heard of people using superglue and PVA glue, but to be honest I'm not all that convinced, and I'm not willing to go supergluing my nails back together, I think I'll just let it grow out! Let me know any of your tricks!

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