Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nivea Lip care - Fruity Shine Pink Guava

 I must admit, I am a fan of Nivea Lip Care, but 'Fruity Shine Pink Guava' has got to be my absolute favourite of all.

Everything about it is just perfect - I can't find fault.

The pretty packaging is attractive and a size that isn't too big and isn't too small. It's in a tube (like most of the others) so that you don't have to make a mess sticking your grubby fingers into a greasy little pot. Because of its clever little design (okay, it's not all that clever!), you don't have to worry about it all smushing up when it accidentally gets twisted up in your handbag (like most other lipbalms I have!).

Anyway, enough about the packing I hear you say, let's get to the product itself!

First of all, if you are one of those people that cannot stand horrible smelling lipbalms no matter how good every other aspect of it is, then you are in luck! This lipbalm smells amazing, you just want to eat it! When you apply it to your lips it gives you the most perfect pink hint of colour to your lips, and it allows you to build up how strong you want the colour to be. Just after applying it, it is so smooth and moisturising, but at this point I don't really care because I am still inhaling rapidly just so I can get a whiff of the brilliant smell.
It's not sticky in any way, and it glides across your lips with ease.

As I mentioned before, it's my favourite of all the Nivea Lip care range (you'll be hearing a lot about that!) and so I'm going to have to give 10 out of 10!

What do you think about 'Fruity Shine Pink Guava?'

The colour of the balm


  1. Replies
    1. Not in the slightest - the Pearl and Shine balm, however, certainly is.


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