Monday, February 24, 2014

Model's Prefer Sweet Shadows Eyeshadow Tin

I have honestly had the greatest luck in the world in the past two months, winning three giveaways! One of them was Amanda's from Thai Tales  where I won the Model's Prefer Sweet Shadows Eyeshadow Tin. I was ridiculously excited about winning this because just look at those gorgeous eyeshadow shades and the incredible packaging they come in! 

As far as I am aware, the Model's Prefer tins are a direct imitation of some eyeshadow tins from Too Faced. I personally love that I can have the opportunity to play around with a more affordable alternative, however I'm not sure Too Faced would be all that thrilled!

When it first arrived and I opened the package up, I literally had to pry it from my mother's hands as she declared that it was "the most beautiful makeup packaging in the entire world." I am inclined to agree with her, because I can't think of anything more adorable than the little tin. I think it is most appealing to younger girls, and I think for someone starting out with makeup this would be a perfect (and cute) array of beginner's shadows. 

I immediately spotted the shades that I new would be my favourites and crossed my fingers that those were the ones that were pigmented. I had read some reviews and was aware that it was a little hit and miss with these shadows, with some being incredibly pigmented and others completely sheer. 

The shades included are as follows: 

Top Row

Innocent: Grey toned lilac shade. Pigmentation: Poor
Lovely: Deep toned true purple. Pigmentation: Good
Sweetened: Mid toned brown with cooler undertones and silver shimmer. Pigmentation: Fair
Graceful: Very, very dark brown (almost black) with a matte finish. Pigmentation: Good

Middle Row

Kisses: Shimmery, champagne white with slight pink undertones. Pigmentation: Excellent (it is SO buttery!)
Cute: Rosy brown/pink shade. Pigmentation: Excellent
Sugared: Light baby pink. Pigmentation: Excellent
Luscious: Warm medium brown. Pigmentation: Excellent

Bottom Row
Adorable: Light brown/grey shade. Pigmentation: Terrible
Angelic: Pure shimmery white. Pigmentation: Excellent
Precious: Coppery orange gold. Pigmentation: Excellent
Enchanting: Matte black. Pigmentation: Fair (very chalky)

As you can see, there was quite a variety of quality between each of the shades. Adorable was completely hopeless and that swatch (which you can barely see) was three built up attempts! Other shades, like Precious and Kisses were incredibly buttery and pigmented. Luckily for me, my most favourite shades were the best pigmentation!

I created an eyeshadow look using five of the shadows and was absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

1. 'Kisses' was applied over the entire lid.
2. 'Precious' was applied over the centre third of the eyelid.
3. 'Luscious' was used in the outer corner and crease
4. 'Angelic' was applied as an inner corner highlight
5. 'Lovely' was used as a lower lashline eyeliner for a hint of colour

I think the blend of white, gold and purple looks stunning and shows just how pigmented those particular shades are!

I do notice fallout with some of the shades, particularly the darker shadows, which is easily removed by brushing it away.

Not only were eyeshadows included in the tin, but an eye primer and clear brow gel too. I have had very little experience with eye primers (by that I mean no experience) and therefore don't feel as though I can make any real judgement about it. I found it to be a strange texture, quite tacky at first but then rather velvety once it had settled. It evened out the skin tone but I'm not sure I would bother using it regularly.

I feel indifferent about the brow gel - I will get use out of it but I wouldn't buy it on its own. It works but it is nothing terribly special.

All up, I am so pleased with this palette and can see myself experimenting a lot with it in the future. I've decided that Precious is just the most beautiful shade ever and I think that will be the one I hit pan on first!

I give this 6 out of 10 (because even though there are some shades I love, others are hopeless and you have no guarantee of the quality!)


  1. I wonder if these are still hanging around in Priceline? I'm not too sore that I didn't pick it up - the packaging IS super adorbs though! The second row of shadows look and sound great, Precious is gorgeous! Reminds me of my fave 'gold' from the Lorac pro palette.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I'm not sure, they were brought out a little while ago so they might be gone now...The second row is by far the best, but Precious takes the prize for the most beautiful :) x

  2. That's a great little tin! Great review! I'm not sure how I'd feel about brow gel either.

  3. love that it looks like a too faced palette :) Some of those colors are stunning and I am in love with that eye look you came up with!!

    1. Aw thank you, I think the shades included are absolutely gorgeous. x

  4. def the prettiest makeup packaging ever!! love the middle colours x

  5. Love the packaging! And nice look you created :)

  6. Love the look you created with it! I was tempted to pick this up at Priceline a few months ago, I think they were having a 40% off cosmetics sale, but I rationalised that the last thing I needed was another eyeshadow palette. Some of the shades really spoke to me though, especially the shimmery mid-tone bronzy ones.

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean, I have so many eyeshadows I don't know what to do with myself! x

  7. I like the colours in this but I just wasn't impressed with the pigmentation of the shadows sadly!

    1. It really is hit and miss with the pigmentation of the shadows! x

  8. Love the packaging but the shadows seem a bit all over the place. The look you've created is gorgeous, you have such pretty eyes :)

    1. My goodness, thank you for your lovely comment :) The shadows are ridiculously unpredictable, it sucks x


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