Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Essence Lipstick - All about cupcake

I had seen the Essence ‘All about Cupcake’ lipstick mentioned in numerous hauls and monthly favourite posts and youtube videos, but I hadn’t actually read an in-depth review on it. When I made a trip out to Target to purchase some Essence products, this was on the top of my list.

This lipstick cost $3.95 and it was actually the only lipstick left that hadn’t been torn open and smushed into the lid and various other cosmetics (don’t you hate people who do that?) The whole cosmetics stand, in fact, had been pulled apart and the contents sprinkled/smushed/plastered/dripped all over the other cosmetics, except for this magical lipstick and the Ballerina Backstage section of the stand.

For those that are unaware of how Essence compares to other brands here in Australia, I will give you a quick overview. The Essence prices are pretty much on par with BYS products (approximately $4 for a lipstick, the same price as an average coffee). Australis lipsticks are about $12.95, Maybelline lipsticks at $16.95 and Loreal lipsticks at $24.95, so Essence is cheap cheap cheap! They have a small range of products in comparison to brands like Maybelline and Rimmel London, and are only sold at Target stores (a pain for us Priceline lovers!). I have only tried two Essence products, but I feel comfortable making the prediction that for the same price as BYS, the products are of a better quality (and from reviews I have read and watched, I get the feeling that the quality of the products in more consistent throughout, completely unlike BYS products.)

The tube is an average size with the cap on, but when you take the cap off you see that unlike other lipsticks which extend into the cap, this one stops halfway. It’s not the sturdiest packaging I have ever seen, but it is one thousand times better than the BYS lipstick packaging. It also has a sticker on the bottom showing the colour which I like. Even better, the colour of the tube changes according to the product too, which is unlike any other brand I am aware of.

The colour of this lipstick doesn’t appear to be all that incredible in the tube, which is exactly why I love it. When you apply it you get a choice of super sheer, or you can build it up. The natural pink colour is incredible, and gives your lips a juicy, glossy, plump and moisturised look. It’s one of those, ‘your lips but better’ products that you can keep in your handbag and wear for any occasion. Whenever I am not sure what to wear, in a hurry or just want an instant ‘makeover’ this is the lipstick I slap on. It’s gorgeous! It is also pretty long lasting.

The formula is so creamy and moisturising, and my goodness it smells amazing. I could smell it all day. It is identical to the fragrance of the strawberries and cream lollies, with a bit of marshmallow mixed in. Best part is that it lingers even once applied. If only it tasted how it smelled…
In full sunlight

So like the eye soufflé I recently reviewed, this is one of those products that have stolen my heart and I think will be a favourite for a long time. At only four dollars, this lipstick is so worth running out and purchasing – I will definitely be getting more!

I’m going to have to give this product 10/10.

In shade
I've been getting creative on photoshop!


  1. Looks like a gorgeous colour!

    Xox Soph

  2. That's a lovely color. I'ts nice that you can wear it sheer and build it up. I have not tried anything from essence, as it is not available here. I did win a giveaway with three essence nail polishes. Haven't tried them as yet. Love your lip swatches :)

  3. Love the lip collage at the end! :P I saw this at Target the other week and it's one of my favourite shades that I saw. Think I've got to pick it up. :) xx

  4. Pandora - Such a shame you can't get it...I know how it feels, there are so many overseas brands I can only drool over! Oh well, we have some wonderful products exclusive to Australia too!

    Michelle - Glad you liked the collage! It's worth picking it up, especially as it is so cheap - I won't feel bad for recommending it if you don't end up liking it because it's not a huge waste of money!


  5. Really pretty sheer pink, I wanted to get one but unfortunately the only one left had already been used. The Essence stand does get a lot of intrusion :p

  6. It sure does, it bothers me that all the products get ruined in the store!


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