Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What I think of Bio Oil 6 months down the track

When I posted my first impressions review of the infamous Bio Oil back in May 2014, I promised that I'd write another review a couple of months later once I'd given it a good chance to work its magic. As is the case with all skin products, they don't work magic overnight and require persistent and regular use to really work well.

Well, I've been using this for over six months now and I feel as though I've earned the right to give you my honest thoughts. I'm impressed.

I bought this in the hopes that it would help with my stretch marks. My stretch marks were relatively new and luckily not too deep, however they were quite dark in colour and I feared that they wouldn't fade to that silvery shade that I find easier to accept! I started applying Bio Oil each night in the hopes that it would encourage the fading and prevent them from turning into deep, dark scars.

A cynic in every sense of the word, I was prepared to write this update and give you all bad news but in all honesty, I really think it made a difference. It has done exactly what I wanted it to do: the stretchmarks on my body have faded to a light silver that is really only noticeable when you stand at the right angle under the right light! I don't know how necessary it is to continue use after they've faded (I wouldn't imagine it's importance because the way I see it, it's hardly going to stretch and change colour again) but I still lather the stuff on because it moisturises the skin.

Which brings me on to another point. Perhaps even more than its value as a means of fading stretch marks, I came to love it for the magic it did on my face. When I purchased it I knew there was no way this was ever going to go on my face because it is just so, well, oily. I have a really horrible habit of picking my skin when I'm stressed, sad, nervous, bored...basically all the time. It's no wonder that I have flaking, sore, irritated, red skin when I've literally torn it to shreds. It's a shocking habit that I'm working on. Anyway, after having practically ruined my face one particularly bad night, it was so sore that I had no choice but to slap some of my trusty Bio Oil on in the hopes that it would soothe my irritated skin and restore some of the moisture that it was lacking. I went to bed feeling like a greasy mess and woke up with the best skin I had ever experienced! It was honestly like some expensive intensive skin treatment because I felt so healed the next day! It's not something I use on my face often because it simply is too much, but I use it perhaps once or twice a month.

Since this Bio Oil seemed to be so magical I figured I would apply it to some keloid scarring (overgrown scar tissue dark in colouring) that I had. Well, I don't think it did anything at all to those scars but in all honestly I'm not surprised, keloids are nasty things.

So there it is, the magic I experienced with Bio Oil. Like I said, I was so doubtful about this product and had read both raving and condemning reviews about it before trying it and I thought mine wouldn't exactly be glowing. Obviously all skin types are different but if you are at a loss with some new (old ones unfortunately can't be helped much) stretch marks then I would 100% recommend you give it a shot. You can purchase it in a 60mL bottle for approximately $15 which lasts forever and I think it is so worth it!


  1. Good on you for keeping with a product for so long!! I could never be as diligent. It's great that is helped your scars fade! I've had lots of mums telling me how good Bio-Oil was during their pregnancy to help minimise stretch marks.
    xx Kat @ Katness

    1. I just found that I loved using this product so much that it was easy using it regularly. I'm sure it would be great for pregnancy! x

  2. I really enjoy when people review skin care products that test it out more than a month. I feel like it gives a better picture. After how much it's helped you I might need to pick this up for my face!

    1. I agree, its quite challenging as a blogger to test skincare out consistently longer than a month because there is always so much to play with, but I appreciate reviews where someone has been using a product for a long time. It honestly worked wonders for my face so hopefully you find that too! x

  3. Great to hear that it worked in fading your stretch marks! Bio Oil worked for my dry legs, but I was way too scared to put it on my face because I'd heard horror stories.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Lucky I hadn't heard any horror stories because otherwise I would have missed out on its true potential! I think it definitely could be problematic on the face if used on super oily skin and all the time but for me it was magical. x

  4. Thanks for sharing your 6 months later review! I'm really happy you did this, because a lot of products like this need you to be consistent for a good amount of time before you'll start seeing miracle results! I'm so pleased it worked for you.. I have a few horrible stretch marks that I might give this a shot on! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    1. No worries, I like seeing posts where bloggers have tested something out for an extended period of time. I hope it works for you! x


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