Friday, April 13, 2012

Maybelline Superstay 24 hour Foundation - Sand Beige

I have been waiting to post this for what feels like weeks but hasn't really been that long. When I review a foundation I like to wait a while to get a really good idea of what it is like, after all there are so many factors one must comment on and consider when reviewing a foundation, and because they are often pricey, people like to research them beforehand.

I shall start off with the packaging. The glass bottle is something that I really quite like. It's nice and heavy and a lot classier than the alternative flexible tube packaging. It's not overly good for people who like to carry their makeup around with them and reapply because it is so heavy, but I only carry lip products around with me so it makes no difference in my eyes. The one thing that I am not pleased with is that it doesn't have a pump, you have to pour the product out. I have found that I can get a full face coverage from the little foundation that collects in the cap when you tip it upside down, so I avoid potential spillage disasters that way. Still, when it comes down to it I really couldn't care less about packaging if the product is good.

My first impressions of the foundation was that it is relatively thick, compared to other foundations I have used in the past. It dries pretty quickly so I apply it in sections over my face. If you like to dot it on everywhere and then blend it in, I think you would struggle to apply it evenly. It has what most people describe as a medium to high coverage (I personally think it is pretty high) and has a matte/satin kind of finish. It claims to have a coverage of 24 hours. I haven't tested that claim out, but I usually wear it for about 12-15 hours (without powder) and it is perfectly fine at the end of the day.

I tried it out using my fingers and a brush to apply. I much prefer to use my fingers because I can control how much product I wish to use, whereas with a brush you need to use a lot. I use this very sparingly because I don't always wish for a super high coverage. I also like this because it means that it will last me a long time and I will get my money's worth.

It feels nice on the skin and looks pretty flawless. Of course, stubborn blemishes and dark under eye circles still need to be covered using concealer, but other than that it definitely covers redness and uneven skin. It does, however, make you look at little flat and 2 dimensional. I fix this using bronzer or highlighter when I am going somewhere special, but for everyday it really doesn't bother me too much.

I found a colour that matched me well (Sand Beige) but I know others who really struggled to find a good colour match. It sticks to dry or flaky skin really badly. I have slightly oily skin, but with my skin care (which works very well) occasionally my nose gets a little flaky. This foundation sticks to it like glue which is my main problem with this foundation. You have to scrub and moisturise your face well before applying it.

I would say that it is buildable - I use very little with my fingers and can't avoid using a heck of a lot with a brush, both ways I never have trouble with a cakey look or anything like that. When buying it in the shop, it is one of those foundations that is super important to test first because the colour in the bottle is different to on your skin. It looks quite grey in the bottle.

As promised, it does withstand sweat and humidity. Even on the hottest of days it doesn't transfer onto anything or rub off in the slightest. Impressive!

It hasn't affected my skin (blemishes or irritation) at all, but then again, very few products do.

This is not a foundation that I wear everyday (well, I was so that I could review it but I won't from now on) because it is a higher coverage than I am used to, but for special occasions with a bit of highlighter it is pretty damn good. I will also wear it when my skin is playing up because it covers redness and mild blemishes well.

I give this product 7/10.

My dog wanted to help out!


  1. This has not been launched here. I hear they might soon. That it doesn't transfer at all is pretty interesting. Rather almost unbelievable! The only problem with Maybelline here is that they don't have a wider selection for our skin tone. Either they are too neutral or too beige, too dark or too light. And the SAs are not much of help.

  2. It hasn't been launched yet? Wow, I feel as though this product has been around forever! Still, Australia is incredibly slow at getting products too, I always drool over what I see on the American blogs and have to wait ages for them to arrive. By the time they do, something better has come out!

    Yes, Maybelline is pretty poor when it comes to shade selection - I was lucky that I so happened to fit, but you see so many reviews where others cannot find a shade that suits them.

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. sounds quite nice, probably never get it in the uk!
    I wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments you've left on my blog, it means a lot! xx

  4. No problem Char, I figured you probably needed them after the other comments you have been receiving.

  5. I really love the coverage of this foundation. But the colour doesn't match me because I'm super pale (I have the same shade as you).
    Nice review!

    1. The coverage is great, but I have so much trouble getting this to work when my skin is even the slightest bit dry!

  6. What color do you use now that this one has been discontinued?

  7. SuperStay Foundationz/


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