Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Luminesce Daily Moisturising Complex

Skincare products are not my area of expertise, nor have they ever really been a strong interest of mine compared to makeup, however they are probably the most essential part of my routine. There is nothing better than being able to look in the mirror and see a blemish free, relatively evenly toned face that you know won't even need foundation. Being a teenager, my skin is hardly what you would call perfect but most of the time it's pretty darn good all thanks to a ridiculously regimented skincare routine and some brilliant skincare products.

When I was first offered the opportunity to try out some products from the Luminesce range I actually declined. What makes Luminesce stand out from all the other brands is that it incorporates stem cell technology, an area of science that I was very unfamiliar with and quite hesitant to incorporate into my skincare routine. As it is a relatively controversial topic I've decided to talk a little bit about it in this post so that you can make a decision about their products for yourself. I'm no expert in this field but have done everything in my power to provide factual information regarding the science behind it all. If you are interested in this I would recommend that you do your own research further, or if you are an expert then please add some information in the comments!

Basically stem cell technology enhances a naturally occurring process that occurs within the body to help repair and regenerate cells. All cells eventually break down and their replacement is a result of stem cells.

To use this science in skincare, the best and most effective stem cells within the human body are located and extracted from fat layers with a syringe as a combination of fatty tissue and stem cells. The fat cells are then separated from the stem cells and then undergo a centrifuge process. The stem cells are grown in petri dishes with nutrients supplied. During this growth a chemical signal called a Growth Factor is released. This Growth factor is essentially the 'instructions' or the way the cell communicates and is able to repair tissues within the body.

Luminesce uses such growth factors in conjunction with an assortment of other 'supporting' ingredients that nourish and support skin cells. There are no live stem cells within the Luminesce products, however some ingredients are human derived.

This video explains it a little further. Note that the video has been produced by Luminesce and the information I obtained above was my interpretation of what was explained to me when I had queries about the range. There is an abundance of information freely available about stem cell technology supplied by alternate organisations online that you can look at.

So there is a ridiculously basic outline of the science behind the skincare and perhaps you can see why I initially had concerns. I've since concluded that I personally believe it is safe and ethical, hence why I agreed to receive and review some of their products.

Now for the review you were expecting!

First up is the packaging. You can always tell when a product is on the luxurious end of the scale because it just feels expensive! I was thrilled to find that the Luminesce Daily Moisturising Complex had a cool twist out pump, making it both compact and sleek yet still practical. The silver bottle and blue print is simple yet eye catching.

On the bottle it states that the moisturiser has sunscreen within it although nowhere was I able to identify the exact SPF. The formula is non greasy and soaks in easily. This is absolutely perfect for applying prior to your makeup as it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft without any unpleasant residue. The hydration is gives is excellent, although I would deem it to be insufficient for those with a dry skin type but perfect for those with normal to oily skin.

Apparently the moisturiser targets fine lines and wrinkles which is something I cannot really comment on as I am still just a young one! My primary concerns were hydration, fast absorbing formula and being able to wear it under my daily makeup, all of which were wonderful.

I really like the consistency of the moisturiser, the perfect in-between of not being too thick or too thin. This is in no way greasy or oily which is something very important in my skincare. My only slight issue with this is that it has an unusual fragrance. It is not a scent that I would describe as unpleasant, but it is definitely noticeable and unusual. I've easily gotten used to it after a month or so of use.

As I have only used it for just over a month, I am not really sure about the long lasting impact however I have noticed a slight but significant improvement in my skin. I have had fewer blemishes and the overall skin tone has become more even. I feel as though past marks and scarring have also been reduced.

For $54.95, this is not in any way on the cheaper end of the scale, however the differences between this and the ten dollar moisturisers you can get from Coles are easily noticed. This is a lovely luxurious product and if you are looking for the proposed benefits of stem cell technology then this is an excellent option for you.


  1. I was sent this too and I didn't review it in the end because I wasn't sure that I agreed with the ingredients. But that's just my personal preference!

    1. It really is one of those products that comes down to personal preference - hopefully I encouraged others to think about it for themselves. x

  2. We were offered to review this as well, but declined as we felt like the "age group" of this marketed moisturiser wasn't for us. I'm glad you saw the significant difference in your skin!

    1. I was actually quite surprised that it really worked for me, as like you said, I'm not really the target age group. x


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