Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Natio Maximum Curl Waterproof Mascara

When I first bought this mascara I absolutely hated it. I wrote a huge long review about how bad it was and gave it a 2 out of 10. Thank goodness I didn't post it because I have changed my mind.

I was in Priceline (my second home!) and wanted a decent, waterproof mascara that was lengthening and didn't clump. I wanted it to look relatively natural too. The nice lady said that Natio Maximum curl waterproof mascara was exactly what I was looking for so I bought it without any questions. "No flake, no drip, natural, beautiful lashes!" is what the lady said.

Once I got home I early opened it and tried it out. I was so cross.

It is the driest mascara I have ever used. Most people complain about wet mascaras but this was unbelievable. How was it supposed to stick to my lashes if it was already dry? I also couldn't see any visible difference to my lashes. There seemed to be no product on the brush! I rubbed the brush across my hand and I'm not kidding, the faintest grey smudge appeared. I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed and still very little mascara was on my hand. "What rubbish!" I thought, and I chucked it to the back of my makeup draw. 15 dollars wasted there!

I then went online to see what other people thought. The first site I went on, it was rated 2.5 out of 5. "Waste of money," someone wrote. The next site it was rated 2 out of 5. One person claimed that despite its waterproof claims, as soon as she used a cloth and touched it on her eyelashes it all came off. I was annoyed, I was very annoyed.

I then went and bought a new, better mascara and didn't use it for ages. Only recently did I try and use it again. Once again I had the same result, but this time I persisted, applying it again and again, putting it back into the tube each time. Something actually happened, my lashes started looking longer and more defined. There were NO clumps whatsoever, not a single uneven little bit of mascara. All my lashes were completely separated and it looked rather nice.

I quite like the tube - it is this translucent plastic which sounds awful but I think it is quite nice. You can see the product inside, and the tube feels so nice. It's really difficult to explain. The brush is also curved as you can see in the picture below.  
So, my opinion has changed a lot, but it is still my least favourite mascara. All the hassle of applying it a million times for a result that isn't that amazing is just annoying. I give this product 5 out of 10, which is better than 2 out of 10 but isn't all that marvellous.

Has anyone else tried this and what did they think?

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