Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

Whoops! Didn't realise it was upside down!

I got this mascara really cheaply (it worked out to be $2 actually, instead of the RRP of between 13 and 19 dollars!) and I wasn't sure what to expect because I had never heard anything about it.

The product looks kind of classy, and it was only after reading reviews on the Internet that I realised it was supposed to look like a stiletto! While reading the reviews I found that this is probably one of the most hated mascaras I have ever come across! So what did I think about it? I thought it was alright to be honest.

When I first opened it up and saw it, I was extremely disappointed. "But it's grey!" I thought. "It's grey!" I then found out that the colour I had bought was 'soft black.' Hmmm...The next thing that I noticed was that the brush looked deadly. It appeared as though it was made out of razor sharp metal spikes. I was almost too scared to use it! As I began to apply it, it also became apparent that it had a very strong smell. It smelled like artificial flowers. Even my brother who is hopeless when it comes to fragrances could recognise that it smelled like flowers - he thought it was a lavender smell...personally, I think it just smells awful.

Once applied, the colour of the mascara no longer looks grey, it looks like a regular black. It wasn't clumpy at all and I found it really easy to apply. I did stick my lashes together a little bit, (actually, more than a bit!)but with some wiggling of the wand it was easily avoided. I only applied one coat because I was happy with the length and definition that it gave me, but for those who want a bit of volume I suppose you could apply a couple more coats.

It was expecting it to flake off and break my eyelashes into pieces and all these other terrible things because it had received such terrible ratings on so many websites, but I couldn't find anything to complain about!

Lots of reviews claimed that it was irritating for their yes, but I didn't have a problem. Mine wasn't the waterproof version so I was conscious not to touch my eyes but it seemed to last the day alright. I did have a temporary panic though when I found three eyelashes had fallen out, but I think it was just my natural lash loss and had nothing to do with the mascara. Still, I was very cautious as others had reported it caused them lash loss.

There were many complaints about being able to smell it for hours after applying it. I could smell it for about ten minutes, but then it faded away and I had no problem. I'm going on about the smell, but it isn't as if it is deadly or anything, it's just really unpleasant.

I don't think I will listen to online reviews anymore, unless they are by the bloggers that I follow, because their reviews are usually more thorough and accurate. The Rimmel London Anti-fatigue concealer was rated as one of the worst products ever on one site, yet I found it to be quite alright. It was the same with this mascara!

I wouldn't purchase it for full price because of all the little things that I mentioned (that all add up in the end!) but for $2 I am quite happy and will use it. I give it 6 out of 10.

Sorry about the flash!


  1. I have the accompanying eyeliner to this, and its brilliant, but I was always a bit wary of this. Then again, maybelline have some of the best 'drugstore' mascara's around, so its not surprising this is so good!


  2. I didn't know there was an eyeliner with it!
    Maybelline do have some good mascaras!

  3. Ive been using stiletto for about a year and I love it, minus the smell.....it might be in my top 5 mascaras.....glad to know someone else doesnt hate it!

  4. thanks for the review. i am definitely interested in giving this product a try. i also wanted to stop by and say thanks for the follow!
    just followed back ;)


  5. BeautybyKimi - Yes, I'm not sure why it is so hated!

    Kristie - If you can get it cheaply, I would definitely try it!

  6. I used this earlier this year and other than the smell, I loved it. I thought it definitely did a good job lengthening my lashes!


  7. Heidi - it was good for lengthening!


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