Saturday, November 12, 2011

Britney Spears Perfume - Believe

I spent more effort on this photo because perfumes
deserve the best!
I was at Priceline with thirty bucks burning a hole in my pocket. I had walked past the makeup section about 100 times and wanted everything, but for some reason could not bring myself to buy the several lipsticks that I wanted. I think this is because they were all full price, and I am definitely someone who waits for sales. Anyway, despite the fact that I wanted so many things, I was about to walk out of the shop empty handed when I spotted the perfumes. A lot of them were on sale. I had to have a look.

I started smelling them right away, and quickly came across 'Britney Spears Believe.' I myself am not a fan of Britney Spears, quite the opposite, but this perfume smelt good. 

I hated the bottle at first glance, but it has kind of grown on me since owning it. I first thought it was horrible and tacky, but now I'm becoming quite fond of it! It is certainly better than some of her other perfumes, Curious, Fantasy and In control which I personally cannot stand the sight of.

Online, 'Believe' is described as "opening with fruity, mouthwatering notes of guava and tangerine. The heart is delicate and pure with honeysuckle and linden blossom. The base is highly feminine and sensual, a beautiful accord of patchouli, amber and sweet praline."

I don't know what patchouli and sweet praline is supposed to smell like, but if that is what this perfume smells like, they must be quite nice!

At first spray it is really strong and smells of lemon. It isn't all that nice to be honest. But if you wait a few minutes, the lemon smell doesn't disappear but really tones down and you find yourself with a citrus, fruity scent that is nice and subtle yet still noticeable.  After a bit longer I find it to be less fruity and more vanilla. Sounds crazy for me to say that, but I cannot think of another way to describe it. I would definitetly spray it on a little while before I go out because I like the smell of it later on rather than at first.

Other people have mentioned that it is quite different to her other scents (that I mentioned before) and that it is a lot less sugary and childish than the others. I can't really comment on this.

I don't really believe that it is all that long lasting which is a shame, but it's still a good perfume.

I think that this perfume is fresh and fruity at first, however there is actually so much more to it. I really like it. I still have my eye on DKNY Be Delicious and Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh, but this is lovely in the meantime.

What it smells like - Citrus fruits, spices
Where I would wear it - To an event where it was mainly about fun, yet still with a hint of sophistication
Who would wear it - Someone young that enjoys life but who is still mature
Season and time to wear it - Spring during the day

I give this perfume 7 out of 10.


  1. Beautiful review.I agree, this is very different from the perfumes she usually churns out. I love wearing it in hot months.Even though Im not a big fan of patchouli,but it smells really good in this composition mixed in with Linden blossoms( Lime blossoms) Which DKNY Be delicious are you interested in? The original one?

  2. Thanks, the DKNY Be delicious one that I have my eye on is the one I wrote about here:

    Lucky for me, I am aware that my beautiful friends are buying it for my birthday!


  3. This is great :) I find all the circus/fantasy etc are all pretty similar and way to sweet and do not last at all!

    I'm also after the DKNY, but one of the new be juiced ones. They smell sooooooo good :)


  4. Oh I love this perfume!! It smells so nice after it develops a bit :-)

  5. Gianna - I haven't really smelt the other Britney Spears ones, but by the sound of it I'm glad I got 'Believe.'

    Emma - It does smell better after it develops...not too great at first spray


  6. Hi I just want to ask if this perfume fit for men too? Thanks! :)

    pheromones attract women

    1. Thanks for the question. I personally do not think it is a scent for men, but I guess it's up to whoever wears it! In general I would not say that it is fit for men though.


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