Friday, November 25, 2011

Avon - Colour trend Fruit shine

I own three different Avon colour trend lip balms/glosses because I bought one and was given two. If you read on you will realise why everyone else dumped them onto me. I don't know whether to call them balms or glosses, because they are solid yet a jelly like texture. They aren't anything like I have ever seen before. In fact, if you wind them out you will see that they are translucent. Weird...

Well, let me tell you about their smell.
Raspberry Craze - Smells like burnt plastic mixed with dirt after a spot of rain
Strawberry Sublime - Much better than Raspberry Craze, in fact, it actually kind of smells like strawberry! It does also smell a bit like burnt plastic.
Pineapple Pop - Smells like the toilet that has been covered up with a cheap air freshener (no joke!)
At first I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt - maybe it was my fault they smelled so bad. Maybe I left them somewhere stinking of toilets and dirt. No, I think that is just the way they are...

Well, I'm sure I have already put you off, but I still have more to complain about. Just to get this off my chest - I hate these names! Raspberry Craze? Pineapple Pop? Aren't they just the worst names you have ever heard? I think they might be....

As for the packaging...yuck. Not attractive at all.

I can't believe I actually put these awful smelling things on my lips, but I did it in the hope that they might actually be decent. I had no luck.

The texture is just disgusting. It's like coating candle wax across your lips - stinky, gross smelling candle wax. They do not moisturise, they stick your lips together, they feel horrible, however they do give a bit of shine to your lips. Personally, I would not ever, EVER wear them again, no matter how desperate I was for shine on my lips.

I can't believe Avon has actually made something so bad. I am disappointed! Very disappointed!

I gladly give this product 0 out of 10. (Is this my worst score yet?!)

I think it would take skill to actually make something so bad
Have you guys ever come across a product so bad? I would love to hear about it!


  1. Yikes that's a disappointment! Avon has one line of lip balms called Care Deeply that I live for!

  2. I'll definitely have to keep and eye out for them!


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