Sunday, November 27, 2011

BYS Nail Polish - Envy Me, Amethyst Metallic, Blue Bang

The colours I got in the BYS range were Envy me, Blue Bang and Amethyst Metallic. I was given these colours in a set of three from someone who had absolutely no idea of my taste in nail polish!

I am definitely not a fan of green nail polish on myself and I also dislike metallic nail polish (unless it is silver). This meant that I hated colours Envy me and Amethyst metallic. It's a shame because I normally like purple polish. This left me with Blue bang, which was unfortunate because I don't like blue nail polish on myself. Oh well, it could have been worse... well, maybe not.

Despite the fact that I hated the colours, I have decided to do a review anyway about the consistency, lasting power, chip factor etc.

Blue bang had a very thin consistency and needed lots and lots of layers. Envy me, when applied, was streaky and looked like a shocking, dodgy silver nail polish. After a few coats it was less streaky and you could see that it was green in colour. The purple polish was a little thicker than the other two and needed fewer coats.They all chipped pretty quickly.

All up I was not really all that impressed, yet I think I am still biased because I hated the colours!

Ignoring the colour factor, I would give these polishes 4 out of 10. It's a little disappointing because I have used BYS polishes in the past and I really, really liked them, but I think it just seemed that these three polishes just weren't for me!

One coat, without flash

One coat, with flash



  1. I find that BYS polishes are a bit of a hit and miss.. Some are great but some are kinda funky - and notin a good way :p


  2. I couldn't agree more...I want to try one of the scented ones to see how they go!

  3. great review
    i live in Aus so i have access to BYS too and i have to say... most of their products are such bad quality. The only products i enjoy are their eye brushes. Maybe try some of those out?

  4. Thanks for your comment,
    I quite like their blushes, but only in the right colour of course! I have found that the quality overall isn't amazing, however they do have some really good products to balance it out.

  5. Strange, most BYS polishes I have are great, however there are few that seem to be a bit more dodgy!

  6. Awww i hate when something doesn't turn out how you expected it too be. The blue one looks nice in the bottle :) <3


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