Thursday, September 8, 2011

SoftLips Lip protectant - Orange Sunrise

First of all I am very pleased with the name of this lipbalm. Maybe it's because of my fascination with all things sun related (He-llo Summer!) but whatever it is, I really am fond of the name 'Orange Sunrise.'

Getting past all that, what a cute little lipbalm this is! It's unusually skinny (a little smaller than the thickness of a pencil) and I'm not sure if I like this or not. It means that it takes me longer to apply it, but it is definately more accurate, that's for sure. Another good thing is that it fits in the tight spaces in your bag. Hmmm, I think I prefer normal lipbalms still...

It has a menthol kind of smell, with a hint of orange. Yeah, I would have prefferred it to just be an orange smell, but it's not up to me, is it?!

True to its name it did allow me to be the proud owner of a pair or softlips and I was rather impressed. It soaks in right away and kept my lips smooth and supple. I liked it best when I was wearing it under a gloss, and by itself it didn't really do much in the looks department - just the feel department.

I did need to reapply it several times throughout the day, but it was worth it.

A very good lipbalm I must say, at an impressive price.

I give this product 8 out of 10.

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