Friday, September 23, 2011

Great Barrier Island Bee Co. - Manuka honey soothing lipbalm

Whilst I am a huge fan of lipbalms and liglosses, I have never really taken to the lipbalms in a pot. I think it's because you have to get your fingers all greasy, and by shoving your dirty little fingers into the pot, the lipbalm inside becomes grotty. It's just a bit unhygienic and inconvenient. Lipbalms in a stick are just so much easier!

My Mum was actually given this as a present, and she (being a true hater of lipbalms in a pot) gave it to me (thanks Mum!). The first thing that I noticed was that the lid was slightly cracked, and she hadn't even used it. It has only gotten worse since I have been using it, which is annoying because it just gets worse every time and makes it really hard to screw onto the pot.

It has no fragrance which is disappointing - I would have loved to have a honey smelling one, or even vanilla.

The balm itself is very dry and hard, which made it difficult to get out of the pot onto my finger. I rubbed my finger into it for ages and only a tiny amount of balm came out. I put it on my lips but it really didn't feel as though I had any on. I had to repeat this process three times until it actually felt as though I had lipbalm on. Once I did, I found that it was moisturising, non greasy and had a lovely sheen to it.

Once it absorbed into my lips it made them feel really dry, so I had to go through the tedious process of reapplying. Whilst it was on my lips it felt nice!

I know this lipbalm was quite expensive, but I think it was a bit of a waste because it really isn't very good. Some of the cheaper ones I have come across have been so much better! The pot isn't really something I like either.

I give this product 5 out of 10.


  1. That's a disappointment!! Even one of my Body Shop lib balms had been such a disappointment!!

  2. Really?! I have had my eye on 'Born Lippy' lipbalms for ages now (even though they are in a pot)but it's nice to know your opinion.


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