Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Evoke - Flirtalicious

I love this body spray. I really don't need to say anymore, but I will just for fun.

This was a body spray that I reveived for Christmas. Amongst all the hustle and bustle and excitement on the day, I forgot about it until a week or so later. *Note to self - Why does that ALWAYS happen with all my best products?!*

It smells like flowers and lollies, and even though that is my natural love in regards to scents, I have receivd many compliments about my 'perfume' while wearing this, and 90% of people are shocked to find out that it is a cheap body spray that is way less popular than Impulse!

Apart from the fact that it smells so good, I found that it stayed on for longer than my Impulse sprays and lingered around the place wherever I wore it. Awesome!

I'm not sure if I like the can or not - I think it's the woman that puts me off - a bird's silhouette or something would have been a little more...tasteful.

I'm not keen on the name either...it really doesn't suit the scent.

What it smells like to me: Lollies, Flowers and the transition from Spring to Summer (if Spring mashed with Summer had a smell, this would be it!)
Where I would wear it to: A picnic amongst the flowers, the botanic gardens
Who would wear it: Someone graceful who wears straw hats and floaty maxi dresses, someone nature loving
Season and time to wear it: Spring during the day

I give this product 9 out of 10.


  1. hello there I am your newest follower I love checking out blogs from all over the world...! it make for nteresting makeup items and products that we might not have in the US
    I love your blog background ; )

    I invite you to check my blog , Hope to see you there !


  2. Thanks for your comment, I love blogs from around the world too...the only problem is when you set your heart on a product and realise that it's not even in your country!

  3. i also love this product but think the packaging should be better i just dont think they go right together buts thats just my opinion xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  4. Agreed! The packaging for this is dodgy!


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