Monday, August 22, 2011

Maybelline - Skyhigh curves waterproof mascara

I don't often use mascara, only really when I go out somewhere a little formal. There are a couple of reasons for this - the first is because I am quite blessed to have nice eyelashes, even without mascara. The second is that I find that it can be a bit too dramatic for everyday wear, and the third, most important reason, is that I am a person who rubs their eyes and within ten minutes usually has a black circle around their eyes, transforming them from beautiful to panda-eyes.
That is why I tried waterproof mascara. It changed my life. made a huge difference to my panda-eyes. I am so loyal to this product, it is ridiculous. I refuse to try any other mascara because, the way I see it, this mascara is pretty damn perfect.

It goes on without any gluggy lumps, (that is until I accidentally jam the wand in my eye, blink and get it all over my face) and really does seem to elongate and lengthen my lashes. If I apply it closer the the base of my lashes, it makes my eyelashes look thicker and they seem to have more volume (and who doesn't want more volume!)

It really is waterproof - I have walked through a torrential downpour with it on and avoided panda-eyes, cried my little heart out and avoided panda-eyes, and gone swimming for hours with it on and avoided panda-eyes. I think it's pretty safe to say that when I have my buddy here on me, I am safe from all kinds of panda-eyes.

The only problem? I can't ever get it off. It takes days for it to come off - even a shower per day can't stop it from sticking to my lashes. When it does come of it spreads across my eyes and makes me look like I have big bags under my eyes (I have no luck when it comes to the colour black and my eyes!) however once it has migrated to the under side of my eyes, and wet cloth can easily get it off.

I would give this product 9 out of 10.

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