Monday, August 29, 2011

Impulse - Very Pink

 Oh how I excited I was when I heard about 'Impulse Very Pink.' "With a blend of floral and fruity scents," it read on the can, it's pink heart swirling about in my eyes, "A dazzling array of floral and fruity scents." My heart beat a little faster and my world became just that little bit more beautiful, I knew it was true love.

Okay, okay, I am aware that I am being a little dramatic, but gosh, if you've read my first Impulse review, you would know that Impulse and I are great mates, and that my favourite smell is fruity with floral notes. It was a match made it heaven - Very Pink was made for ME!

A week passed and my poor can was battered and bruised after having spent a whole week being carted around. Dents of every shape and size cover the can, indicating how much I love it

It's amazing. It's just amazing. It smells wonderful, and I find every excuse to spray some more on. My room smells of the stuff, my clothes smell of the stuff, everywhere I go smells of the stuff, and it's wonderful.

Complaints? Well, yeah. The name. "Very Pink." Yuck. Surely they could have come up with something a little better, something that actually described it for what it is, something like...'The best scent you will ever find,' or 'Candice's favourite,' or 'A perfect mix of flowers and fruit.' Yep, they should totally hire me to pick the names for their sprays. Well, at least you get where I'm coming from - it is a dodgy name!

The can could have looked better too - it's not bad, but I like some of the others better. Still, the can (and name) is worth nothing, it's all about the scent.

What it smells like: Heaven! Citrus fruits, with the best flowers and a slight hint of mixed lollies. Ahhhhhh.....
Where I would wear it: Everywhere! I love it that much! Okay, okay...On a date, to a party, to work, to school...yeah, pretty much everywhere!
Who would wear it: Me! Alright then....someone who has a brilliant taste in smell. That makes no sense, does it...taste in smell...
Season and Time to wear it: Summer and Spring, during the day

I give this 10 out of 10! (No surprises there!)

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