Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips - Anti-Oxidant Berry and Energizing Orange

I cannot praise these lipbalms enough - they are everything they promise to be. These are the most moisturising lipbalms I have come across, and along with Nivea's Guava lipbalm, they are my favourite.
I must mention the packaging - my all time favourite. The contrasting colours are bold and stand out. So good to look at! I would seriously buy the lipbalm so I could look at it (how sad is that!)

There are four of them, and the two that I tried both smelled AMAZING! They glide onto your lips with ease and you can actually feel your lips repairing themselves instantly. (Okay, maybe not, but you can just tell that they're doing your lips some serious good!) They are so moisturising, that you feel like you have the most gorgeous lips in the world after only a day of wearing it.

They don't have any colour, but they give you awesome shine and almost, (almost) act like a lipgloss. Some of my friends disagree with me here, but I found that they stay on my lips remarkably well (sorry friends!).

For those who are worried about sun care, they have an SPF 20 so you are well protected. I am going to use mine all year round though, not just in summer, because my lips get very dry in winter.

They're so creamy and gorgeous, I want them all! I give them 10 out of 10!


  1. These look really nice! i usually buy the Labello classic lipbalm, but i'd love to try new ones. These two are gorgeous, what's the price? thanks ***

    and thank you so much for following me :)

  2. Here in Australia they are $3.95 - definitely worth buying (especially Anti-Oxident Berry)

    I have never heard of the brand Labello. I looked them up and they look like Nivea Lipbalms... I would love to try them though!

  3. I bought both of these expecting them to be coloured like the ones in America. Was a little upset we only have clear ones. But still impressed with how moisuring they are!

  4. I know, I saw the American ones after I bought these. It would be wonderful to have tinted ones! Oh well, they're still amazing!

  5. I'm not sure how these are, but the ones here in America are so awesome! I have all 6 - Peppermint, Quenched, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, Grape Vine, and Cherry Me. They are seriously the best lip products ever!

  6. I have seen the ones in America on other blogs. I'm so jealous that yours are tinted!


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