Monday, October 3, 2011

Maybelline Salon Expert - Born with it

I was given this nail polish for a birthday from a lovely friend who knew my taste in nail polishes exactly! Yep, I love the colour of this nail polish so much. It's a pastel pink that is just gorgeous and compliments everything I wear. It's soooo beautiful and natural. Ahhhhh....

Problems? Yes. I found it very difficult to apply because it went on very streaky. It was shocking, actually, because no matter how hard you tired you just couldn't get even coverage. Once it dried a little, it did improve, but even so it wasn't wonderful.

It also seemed to take an incredibly long time to dry. I'm not sure if this is because of the fact that my new obsession with the Rimmel London 60 second drying nail polish has increased my expectations, but whatever it is, it takes a very long time to dry.

I will include quite a few photos of this one, because I want you to be able to see what it looks like after it dries. I wore three coats and I was almost tempted to do a fourth, except that I thought that was a bit stupid - it should be okay with three!
I liked the brush that came with it, it might just be me but I found it to be flatter and thicker than usual which I liked.

About two hours after I applied it when I went to get my memory card out of my camera, it put a huge dent in the polish on one of my nails. Thankfully I had already taken the photo, but I am disappointed! Argh!

Well, I went to bed about four hours after applying it. Next morning I woke up and found that every single one had smudged and was totally ruined. It was awful. Needless to say I cannot comment on how long it lasted on my nail nor how chip resistant it was, because I took it off straight away. So disappointing!

I loved the colour of this so much, but the actual polish was shocking. I am surprised that Maybelline would make somthing as terrile as this! I am curious to see whether a top coat would make any difference, but until then, unfortunately I must give this product only 1 out of 10.


  1. that is such a pretty colour xx

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    Lauren x

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