Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nivea - Light Kiss

I haven't posted in days (yet it feels like months!) and I have missed it so much!

This is such a bizarre product, I don't even know how to explain it but I'm going to try anyway. It is advertised as being "surprising light care for beautiful silky lips, with lotus and almond."

Okay, it has this foamy, mousse, watery kind of texture yet little gritty bits are present in it. I'm not sure if the gritty bits are intentional or whether something just went wrong, but whatever it is, it's very weird. When you apply it to your lips it's cooling and refreshing (menthol like) with little lumpy bits. Seconds later it has all soaked in and you can't feel anything - even the gritty bits are gone. Gosh it's weird. The cooling sensation lasts about ten seconds. It's feel watery yet dry at the same time...I must be making you all utterly confused. It does feel silky. Seriously, I cannot explain it!

It has a kind of pearly sheen, bordering on leaving a little hint of white residue. People who have dark lips will find it to be white at first, but it turns out alright after a little bit. Those whose lips are naturally light may find that this makes them look washed out.

I did get this product for less than half the price that all the others cost, and now I can understand why. It's just so...odd!

It has a smell that is kind of like vanilla ice-cream, soap and a slight hint of chemicals. I do like it, it has a sweet smell which is lovely.

A review I read suggested to use it as a lip primer - I did and it was very good. It was a nice base. I don't know if I was imagining it but it felt as though my lips were a lot silkier with this as a primer.

I wouldn't recommend this product for someone who has chapped lips and is looking to fix them, but as a lip primer and a base for lip glosses or lip sticks, I would say it is a worthwhile product to have (if you don't have a lip primer). I give this product 5 out of 10.

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  1. I reviewed this product on my blog too. I totally agree with you it's useless for helping chapped lips but I always use it as a lip primer.


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