Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BYS blush in Candyfloss

The range BYS is a really, really cheap brand of makeup. I find their products to be a bit hit and miss - sometimes they make something that is really amazing, other times its so dodgy you never ever want to to see the stuff ever again. This blush was somewhere in the middle. Some of their products are like dress-up makeup for three year olds! Then you might find something classy! It's very unpredictable.

This blush was really crazy cheap and therefore I expected it to be of a really dodgy quality, (I late found out it was soooo cheap because it was on sale) but I actually found it to be okay. You get 5 grams of the stuff, which seemed to last a long time for me.

I think there are six colours in the range, and I think another one would have suited me better, but all up Candyfloss worked alright for my skin tone.

It has a shimmery kind of finish to it, rather than a matte finish. It's not all that pigmented, but it can easily be built up to give a nice look - although a little too much and it looks stupid (it's a fine line between too little and too much!). It's not all that long lasting, so I wouldn't trust it to last from morning until night.
I didn't really like the packaging because I found that it just spread everywhere! All the fallout went all over my stuff. The packaging looked okay though.

I probably wouldn't repurchase this because it's not amazing, but it does the job. I actually haven't found my 'perfect' blush yet but I am definitely on the lookout! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

 I give this product 6 out of 10.


  1. I really like the BYS blushes, they are pretty great for the price. I have Candyfloss, it's not my most used shade that title belongs to Coral and Peach Sundae :)

  2. They are definitely good considering the price! I'll have to try out Coral and Peach Sundae!

  3. that blush is such a pretty colour xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  4. I never tried BYS is it available online ??
    Any way u should try bourjois paris blushes _ I'm not sure they're available in Australia _ If we have a makeup swap I can send u some of their blushes ..
    MAC blushes are really nice but a little expensive
    Rimmel London has cute blushes !
    But the only thing I would recommend is the Maybeline dream mousse blush here's a site u can go to and find a nice picture of the maybeline dream mousse blush !

  5. Lauren - Thankyou, it is nice!
    Addicted to Makeup - Thankyou for all the suggestions! I have had my eye on the Maybelline dream mousse blushes! They look beautiful! I think that will end up being the one I decide on!

  6. Hey Candice!
    If you're interested in an EOS balm I can send you one, no problem. I can get Summer Berry, Sweet Mint or Honey Suckle.

    Email me if you're interested: bailey 025 at hotmail dot com


  7. Thankyou so much for the offer Bailey, but thanks to ebay I can get one anyway! Lovely of you to offer though!

  8. I think I actually think this is the review that tempted me to buy CandyFloss :) it's a lovely colour!


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