Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Daily Summer Face

Summer is a time of lazy makeup - natural, bronzed and beautiful - but as lazy as possible. This is what I reach for most days with the occasional change of lipcolour or inclusion of a bit of eyeshadow.

Alina professional primer - I haven't yet completed a review of this product but it is coming up fairly soon. This is an incredibly effective product that I am highly impressed with. Despite wanting to be lazy with my makeup, this step is one that I can't leave out because it ensures that I actually have makeup remaining on my face after a hot day.

Garnier BB cream - I alternate between the Garnier BB cream and the Face of Australia tinted moisturiser. I don't like to use foundation in summer unless it's absolutely necessary because it just feels too heavy and gross in the heat, so a tinted moisturiser or BB cream is perfect.

Maybelline Bronzer in Forever Warm - Once again I alternate between a couple of different bronzers, but basically I just brush them on carelessly to give me a bit of a summery glow on my otherwise ghost-like skin.

Face of Australia concealer - Without a foundation I find that I need a concealer to cover up my blemishes, and this stick concealer by Face of Australia is perfect for the job.

Essence eyebrow gel - This simply keeps my brows in place, nothing all that exciting!

Face of Australia eye definer in charcoal - Once again this is a product that I am going to review. I've never been a fan of pencil eyeliners but after having left this in a hot car for a day it has softened, making it so easy to apply. As liquid and gel liner is a little harsh for an average summer day, I use this along my top lashes to make them appear thicker and bring out my eyes a little.

Covergirl lashblast length mascara - The most important feature of this mascara is that it is waterproof. It gives a lengthening, natural finish that I am a huge fan of.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lipstain in Smitten - Whilst this is more of a wintery colour, I love the fact that it is a low maintenance lip colour because after you have applied it, it literally stays on for hours!

Pressed powder (not pictured) - I then finish off my skin with a pressed powder, either Maybelline Dream Matte powder or Face of Australia pressed powder.

Now that I think about it, for a 'lazy' routine I do actually use quite a few products, but all of them are quick and easy to apply and result in a natural but lovely makeup look.

What are your staple summer products?


  1. I love smitten! Such a pretty and summery colour :)

    1. I love it too, but I've always thought it more of a wintery kind of colour. Still, it hasn't stopped me wearing it during summer!

  2. lovely selection. Guess what? I just bought the Garnier BB Cream! Let me see how it fares on me.

    1. Oooh I hope it works for you. You might find it a little too greasy but with a powder and primer it is wonderful! :)

  3. I have the Garnier BB Cream as well, but for oily skin and I love it. It's definitely one of my favourite products for summer :) x

    1. I've heard that the BB cream formulated for oily skin is so much better than the first one! I've heard it has a higher coverage too... I think it was made for wearing in the summer months.


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