Friday, January 11, 2013

Face of Australia Eye Definers - Marine and Charcoal

Eyeliner, along with bronzer, has always been that makeup product that I just could not master. No matter how hard I tried it seemed that I wasn't able to create a nice looking line without having it smeared all over my lids in a wonky fashion- it was ridiculous.

I've discovered that the combination of a decent product and the eyeliner-applying skills that I have since developed allows me to use eyeliner in a tasteful and flattering way - and I love it! Liquid and gel were my favourites (in particular the Maybelline gel liner and the Face of Australia liquid liner) and I always disliked pencil liners. Until I discovered these!

When I first received these liners to test out, I really couldn't get into them. I tried and tried but all I could come up with was a horrible thick line that extended so far onto my lid and smudged everywhere. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't do it. I gave up on them and vowed never to bother with pencil eyeliners again.

My friend then used them and was magically able to make them work and I figured I may as well give them another chance. I packed them away to take on holidays and lo and behold, I was really impressed.

I will say, I left these in the car on a stinking hot day and I think it softened them, because the colour payoff was so much more impressive and they didn't tug nearly as much during application.

Anyway, the shades I have are Marine and Charcoal, a bright marine blue with very slight silver shimmer in it and smokey charcoal respectively. My favourite is definitely Charcoal because I am more comfortable wearing it and can incorporate it into more looks, but I also like the Marine for a pop of colour along the outer corner of my eye especially.

I find that, because they are pencil liners, they give a considerably more smokey effect to the eye look you are going for, which has actually been a nice change. I smudge it across my top lashline and the outer corner of my lower lashline and I really like the effect that it gives, although others are not so approving (mainly because it's not something I usually go for).

They are reasonably pigmented, though I do struggle occasionally and need to go over the line several times to build up the desired colour. These aren't the longest lasting things I've ever come across, and by the end of the day I found my eyes were looking a little smudgier than I had hoped, but they fare pretty well all things considered. I like them for what they are, pencil liners, but I probably won't turn to these every single day.

I doubt I'll ever get through these but if for some reason I need a new pencil liner, one from this range would be what I would turn to. These cost $7.45 and come in a range of shades, including a purple and a green!

I give these 7 out of 10.


  1. Wow heaps of brands are coming out with the smooth creamy eye definers- Australis, Rimmel, now FOA! I love these types of eyeliners, they are so easy to apply and don't drag across the eyelid. I quite like the charcoal shade too as it is much more wearable! At $7.45 it is quite affordable too :)

    1. They are, it's great! I agree that charcoal is way more wearable, I've never been terribly brave with colour. I'm also a fan of the price.

  2. Cool post and a great blog! What about following each other?

  3. I'd definitely pick the more neutral colour as I'm not big on colour - it can look amazing on other people but I never know how to make it work for me :p Lots of new eyeliners coming out as Karen pointed out, but I think I will stick with my trusty ol' Bourjois Liner Feutre for now :)

    1. I agree, some people can pull it off so well but I struggle to wear it! I've not taken much notice of the Bourjois liners - I've always drooled over their blushes and foundation! I really should pay more attention to other products from the brand!


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