Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alina Professional Step One Foundation Primer

This is my second ever primer, so as outlined when I reviewed my first ever primer, I have limited knowledge when it comes to primers and I'm not really able to make comparisons between too many of them. Despite that, I've come to realise the importance of them and the magical qualities that they do have, all thanks to this Alina professional One Step Foundation Primer that I was so lucky to be given to try out.

The main, and perhaps most important quality that I think of primers having is the ability to extend the wear time of your makeup. Whilst I've never really had a problem with disappearing foundation or eyeshadow, there is no denying that by the end of an eight to twelve hour day your makeup does not at all resemble the fresh look that it once did. It is worn out, faded, smudged, smeared and in some cases completely gone whether you like it or not. Primer doesn't prevent this from happening completely, but it does (this particular one especially) extend the life of your makeup for up to a couple of hours longer, before the signs of wear begin to show.

This primer in particular was outstanding at doing such. I was blown away when I came to take off my makeup at the end of a twelve hour day, including at 60 minute moderate intensity gym session, only to see that the majority of my makeup was pretty well in tact. I think that is amazing.

Another thing that primer does is create a good base for your foundation. Prior to ever trying primer I was highly skeptical of such, being unable to imagine how it would be able to do so. I'm now completely convinced that yes, primers DO create a better, smoother base. The results with my foundation and concealer are visible. Yes, perhaps I am imagining it, but if you tried this out I expect you would imagine it too!

Other positive points about this is that it feels lovely on the skin and soaks in right away. It also says on the box that it can be used on the face, eyes, neck and lips - not just the face like the majority of primers I have come across. The packaging is, in my opinion, perfect. It's classy and simple but looks quite expensive and professional.

I love this primer so much, but I will only be using it on special occasions or nights out because it costs $39 (a big step up from the Face of Australia one which costs $11.95, though admittedly is not as good as the Alina one) and I'll turn to the Face of Australia primer for more everyday type situations.

It can be purchased from the website Makeup Australia.

I give this primer 10/10.


  1. That's interesting that it can be used all over the face! I would be hesitant to fork out that much for a primer as I usually don't use one in my daily routine, but this Alina one sounds like it works really well!

    1. It is interesting - I would have thought that you wouldn't be able to use it on the lips especially, but apparently not. I too think that $40 for a primer is a little excessive but yes, this is amazing. I'd not heard of the brand prior to receiving this product so I might look a bit more into them, though I probably won't get anything if all the prices are similar to this one.


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