Saturday, August 4, 2012

Monthly Favourites - July

Here I am again completing another monthly favourites post! I really enjoy doing this because I get some time to look back over the month that has just been and remember all the cool things I got up to (ie. all the exciting new products I purchased!)

For the face category this month I have been obsessed with my Savvy Bronzer,  though unfortunately it is discontinued which is a real shame because it is a pretty good, affordable product. Admittedly it is a little strange that I have been wearing bronzer in the middle of winter, but I guess I am craving that summery glow! Winter is a miserable time so whatever I can do to make it more like summer is worth it!

For a couple of months I have been going through a red polish phase, and this month was no different. Over the course of the month I wore three different red polishes, an old discontinued Innoxa one, an Ulta one in Pink Colada and my newest red polish by Essence in 'Better late than never.' Red polish is the best!

For eyes this month I have been playing around with my newest eyeshadow addition, the Australis Nudist Palette. I am yet to complete a review on this but to give you a hint, I am a huge fan. The colours could be more pigmented, but they suit me just fine.

Another product that I am yet to review are the Face of Australia lip crayons (which by the way, are amazing). I picked this up in a haul with the Australis palette, Revlon lip butter and Bourjois blush (see below!) and I have to say, it is probably the best haul I have had - every product is wonderful.

This last category is typically reserved for jewellery or other random things I have been loving throughout the month, but for July I am going to have to cheat by having another face product. I have been wearing my Bourjois blush every single day this month and, aside from the scent, I think it is awesome. For five dollars, it was a damn good purchase!

There you have it, my July favourites. Let me know if you like any of these products and I hope you all had a good month of July! Keep and eye out for upcoming reviews on the Australis Nudist Palette and the FOA Lip Crayons.


  1. Great post, loving the nail polish : )

  2. The Nudist palette looks great. I look forward to your review Candice!

    1. It is a pretty great palette, I'm actually writing the post right now :)


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